For the specialization in Dragon Age: Origins, see Shadow (Origins).
For the specialization in Dragon Age II, see Shadow (Dragon Age II).

Shadows are self-taught elite rogues, masters of concealment and ambush. They strike from darkness, employing personal decoys and hallucinogenic poisons to distract enemies before sliding a dagger between their ribs. They are not an organisation, but rather freelancers.

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When a blade finds its mark despite all precaution, or an arrow kills from out of nowhere, that's the unmistakable work of a Shadow. While certainly capable of standing toe to toe, rogues of this specialization prefer to flank and surprise, taking any and every advantage. Opponents rarely know how their defences have failed, and Shadows have no interest in enlightening them. From the simplest misdirection to the most complex decoy, Shadows rob opponents of certainty, and are never more dangerous than when seemingly face to face with the enemy. To battle a Shadow is to be uncertain that you faced one at all.

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