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Servant caste

The Servant caste is the caste of dwarven society born to serve higher caste dwarves in positions such as washerwomen, maids, cooks, barkeeps, etc.


According to legend, the progenitor of the Servant caste is Knakkt[1], one of a set of twin brothers who founded trading houses. Knakkt was wounded in battle and vowed to serve his brother, Koapar. From Koapar comes the Merchant caste, and from Knakkt the Servant caste.

Its members consider themselves and their work worthy of the greatest respect and take pride in their service to other castes. They are usually employed as washerwomen, maids, cooks, barkeeps, etc. As the lowest rung of respectable society, they look down upon the casteless.[2]

In spite of their low status in the caste system, the contributions of servant caste dwarves are respected. A servant can even aspire to be a Paragon based on their deeds. Typically it is a feat of bravery in warfare or an incredible invention that makes a dwarf worthy to be a Paragon, but it can also be something as simple as embodying the ideals and tasks of one's caste to an unprecedented perfection, such as the diligent work of servant dwarf. However such elevation is usually done posthumously.[3][4]

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Servants make up the bulk of Orzammar's population though they hold the least of its wealth.[5]

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