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* '''Vivienne:''' I feel everything in the proper measure.
* '''Vivienne:''' I feel everything in the proper measure.
* '''Sera:''' Right. Because you're normal. Just ask you.
* '''Sera:''' Right. Because you're normal. Just ask you.
''(after [[Here Lies the Abyss]])''
*'''Vivienne:''' Sera dear, I couldn't help but notice you took to collecting spiders after the jaunt through Adamant.
*'''Sera:''' Some people saw spiders in there, I thought they'd be useful.
*'''Vivienne:''' Adorable. But manipulating fear is a touch more complicated than hoping Corypheus recruited a legion of arachnophobes.
*'''Sera:''' You don't need to be afraid of spiders to not want them in your smallclothes.
*'''Vivienne:''' Oh yes, we will be testing that in a most intimate manner.
*'''Sera:''' Ew, you're just not right.
''(If Inquisitor is in a relationship with Sera)''
*'''Vivienne:''' I hope, Sera, that you have considered what damage your dalliance with the Inquisitor will do to her standing.
*'''Sera:''' ''(Chuckles)'' Oh yes, please, run your mouth.
*'''Vivienne:''' I didn't expect an invitation.
*'''Sera:''' No, no, go on and on about how I'm not good enough, even though she makes me happy and it has piss all to do with you. And then when you're all smug and done I'll show you how my boot learned to shut a mouth in a Denerim alley.
*'''Inquisitor:''' Ah... that was sort of romantic.
*'''Vivienne:''' Yes, how utterly charming.
*'''Sera:''' On this, try me.
*'''Inquisitor:''' That's enough. Vivienne, this isn't up for debate.
*'''Vivienne:''' Of course Inquisitor.
*'''Inquisitor:''' Sera, relax.
*'''Sera:''' Fine. That's right, conversation over because it better be.
[[Category:Dragon Age: Inquisition dialogues]]
[[Category:Dragon Age: Inquisition dialogues]]
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