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“Bad things should happen to bad people. We find someone not so bad, maybe he'll end up not so dead.”

Sera is an elven archer and potential companion in Dragon Age: Inquisition. She is a romance option for a female Inquisitor.


Sera is impulsive and revels in the moment. For her, it's not about what's right, it's about what's right now. In the Friends of Red Jenny, she humbled authority and had fun doing it. But now the nobility are being not just selfish but blind. War, demons, a torn sky: these are more than troubling—they're terrifying. Fortunately, Sera and her "friends" can be frightening, too, and if she needs to put an arrow through some baddies so regular people can sleep at night, so be it. Sera fights for those caught in the middle, but she also needs order restored. The world has to be normal so she can play.[2]

Sera was orphaned as a child and was caught stealing at a young age. She remembers being from the Elven Alienage in Denerim, though Sera denies this and rejects the "arsehole" residents of the alienage as well as its "stupid" vhenadahl, that so-called "real" elves always have and pray to.[3][4] Lady Taraline Emmald, a sick and barren human woman, took her in and became Sera's patron and foster mother.

When Lady Emmald died of sickness, well before the Blight, Sera inherited her estate, but rejected it and the fortune that came with it.[3] After her death, she eventually fell in with the Friends of Red Jenny. Somewhere along the way, she also picked up skills as a rogue and archer. Completely self-taught, Sera proved to be exceptionally skilled with a bow, and it became her weapon of choice when dispatching with the rich and arrogant.[1] Sera was in Denerim during the Fifth Blight. Though she heard talk of a big fight involving a Warden, she did not pay close attention to the exact details. Instead, Sera was "playing with small painted boxes" and burying things she had stolen. To her recollection, more people worried about magic than Blight.[5] Nonetheless, the arrival of the darkspawn hordes ultimately forced Sera to flee Denerim, which she was able to do safely thanks to her marksmanship skills.[1] By 9:41 Dragon, she had ended up in the Orlesian capital of Val Royeaux, a city filled with the kind of rich and pompous people that Sera and the Friends of Red Jenny hated.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Sera tarot card

After the Inquisitor meets with the Chantry and templars in Val Royeaux, an arrow with a message attached lands nearby, pointing to the location of three further messages and starting the quest A Friend of Red Jenny. Should the Inquisitor choose to follow these clues, they eventually confront an Orlesian nobleman who assumes that the Inquisition was targeting him. Then suddenly, Sera reveals herself and executes the noble with an arrow. She then introduces herself to the Inquisitor and offers to join the Inquisition to fight for those stuck in the middle of the chaos.

While in Haven, a Herald who is not a rogue may ask Sera to open the locked doors in the lower level of the Chantry. To do this, interact with one of the locked doors and the message "Requires a rogue" will appear, unlocking the necessary dialogue option with Sera ("I need a lock picked."). On PC, if the message does not appear, try going into mouselook mode and using the interact button instead of the mouse.

After the move to Skyhold, Sera receives a tip that people are getting hurt in a land squabble in Verchiel and asks that the Inquisitor intervene. If they agree to divert troops to march through the city and spook the offending nobles, Sera later reports that the mission bore fruit and takes the Inquisitor to retrieve the reward. However, they are ambushed upon arrival, while Sera's friend, the one who gave her the tip on Verchiel, is killed. Lord Pel Harmond is revealed as the culprit. He claims that he had no idea about the Inquisitor's involvement, only wanting to draw out Red Jenny, and proposes a partnership instead. The Inquisitor can accept, tell him to leave, or have Sera kill him. If the Inquisitor asks too many questions, Sera will take the initiative to kill Harmond and beat him to death. Back in Skyhold, Sera's reaction will vary greatly depending on how the quest played out. The Inquisitor can ask her to leave permanently.

Once approval is high enough, Sera will surprise the Inquisitor by planning a picnic on the roof (only if your approval is high enough). Sera tells the tale of how her foster mother, Lady Emmald, lied to her about being unable to make cookies and kept the truth about buying cookies from the baker by telling her he [the baker] hated elves. When she discovered the truth, she resented Lady Emmald and developed an aversion to cookies. She calls them "pride cookies" because they remind her that her foster mother elicited an unwarranted hatred between her and the baker and made her insecure about herself just to protect her own pride.

Lady Emmald's deceit deeply affected Sera, who now realized she had not taken her in out of pure kindness, but to make herself feel better—using Sera, instead of truly caring about her. This shaped her outlook on life and her view that big people use and manipulate little people, thinking only of themselves and hurting anyone weaker.[1] Sera tells the Inquisitor she wants to make better cookies so she can overcome all the issues she associates with them and like them again.

At any time, the Inquisitor can ask Sera to leave by telling her that she doesn't fit in with the Inquisition. If Sera's approval is too low, she confronts the Inquisitor and calls them an expletive. She expresses her disapproval of their abuse of power and is concerned life won't be "normal" again. If in a romance with the Inquisitor, she breaks up with her. The Inquisitor can threaten her or tell her to leave which causes her to leave the Inquisition. Alternatively, the Inquisitor can convince her to stay for the sake of the "little people" she wishes to protect. If her approval continues to drop, she will eventually leave the Inquisition on her own.


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If the Inquisitor is friends with Sera:
Two years after Corypheus' defeat, the Inquisitor can meet Sera before the Exalted Council. She invites the Inquisitor to play some pranks on people by throwing pies at random passersby's faces. Afterwards, they discuss possible changes to the Inquisition once the Exalted Council is over and invites the Inquisitor to be a Red Jenny. When Maryden Halewell starts singing "Sera Was Never", Sera breaks her lute calling the song creepy.

In the end Sera went back to her life as a Red Jenny. If Cassandra or Leliana is Divine, she offers the services of the Friends of Red Jenny to the Divine should the nobles get out of line.


A Friend of Red Jenny A Friend of Red Jenny
Red Jenny: Inquisition Needs Beeees! Red Jenny: Inquisition Needs Beeees! (war table)
A Battalion for Sera and Verchiel A Battalion for Sera and Verchiel (war table)
The Verchiel March The Verchiel March
Red Jenny Attends a Party Red Jenny Attends a Party (war table)
Red Jenny and the Bad Goods Red Jenny and the Bad Goods (war table)
A Trouble of Red Jennies A Trouble of Red Jennies (war table)
Red Jenny and the Imposters Red Jenny and the Imposters (war table)
Red Jenny and the Tantervale Charade Red Jenny and the Tantervale Charade (war table)
Red Jenny's Stashes Red Jenny's Stashes
A Woman Who Wants for Nothing A Woman Who Wants for Nothing


Main article: Sera/Approval

Sera was raised by humans and doesn't see herself as being particularly elven. Asking her about or supporting anything "elfy", such as elven heritage and the history of elves, will cause her to disapprove. She likes the world to be simple and believes most problems can be solved by fighting things out, but she is also frightened of magic and will disapprove of any actions supporting magic or mage freedom.

Sera is not used to acceptance from others, which means that she is slow to trust and does not respond well to people questioning her motives or actions. Agreeing with her will give approval and disagreeing with/questioning her will give disapproval.

Sera is unique amongst Inquisition's companions in that the amount of approval she gives may vary depending on the Inquisitor's race. Qunari will gain the most approval with her and elves will gain the least. Elves may also gain additional disapproval under certain circumstances.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Approval gained

  • Conscript the mages during In Hushed Whispers
  • Disband the templars during Champions of the Just
  • Declare the Inquisition to do what's right
  • Tell Sera to kill Lord Harmond and say "You're right/Unpredictable but worth it" after The Verchiel March
  • Allow the Grey Wardens to join the Inquisition during Here Lies the Abyss
  • Say "I agree it was all lies" after What Pride Had Wrought
  • If the Inquisitor is an elf and in a relationship with Sera, agree to discard Dalish gods after What Pride Had Wrought (Note: Refusing to discard the Dalish gods will cause Sera to end the relationship)
  • Execute Knight-Captain Denam, Magister Livius Erimond and Mayor Gregory Dedrick in their judgements
  • Exile Ser Ruth to the Deep Roads or refuse to judge a Warden
  • Pardon Thom Rainier

Approval lost

  • Ally with the mages during In Hushed Whispers
  • Ally with the templars during Champions of the Just
  • Declare the Inquisition for power
  • Agree to partner with Lord Harmond during The Verchiel March
  • After The Verchiel March, select any conversation option that questions Sera's decisions ("Don't question me/No more mistakes" gives the greatest disapproval)
  • Exile the Grey Wardens during Here Lies the Abyss
  • Allow Celene to die during Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts
  • Have the Inquisitor drink from the Well of Sorrows
  • Say "But it's important" after What Pride Had Wrought
  • If the Inquisitor is an elf and in a romance with Sera, refuse to discard Dalish gods after What Pride Had Wrought (Note: This will also end the relationship)
  • Sentence Ser Ruth to public humiliation
  • Sentence/recruit Alexius, Florianne (if alive), Crassius Servis and Thom Rainier to serve the Inquisition in their judgements


Sera is a potential love interest for female Inquisitors only.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Sera romance tarot card

The player can start flirting with Sera soon after recruiting her into their party. Upon welcoming her into the Inquisition, the player has the option to tell Sera that they think they'll like having her around and they hope she feels the same. If the Inquisitor is female, Sera will flirt back. She will also mention that she'll need to start calling the Inquisitor something other than "Herald".

If a female Inquisitor has flirted with her at any point, Sera will approve if she's asked about herself. She will flirt back, saying "Oh, yeah? Interested, are you?"

Although Sera's romance is available for all female Inquisitors, she will respond to the Inquisitor differently depending on their race and class. For instance, Sera expresses a particular fondness for female Qunari. (In her words, "Woof.") Alternatively, she has the hardest time opening up to a Dalish elf Inquisitor, due to her distaste of everything "elfy". Sera is also scared of magic and will express distaste about the Inquisitor's magic use if she is a mage, such as asking the Inquisitor to use less magic once they've chosen a specialization, although the Inquisitor can gain approval by reassuring her that they'd never do anything to disappoint her. As the romance progresses, Sera will express that the Inquisitor is an exception to her beliefs about magic during party banter.

After the Herald reaches Skyhold and is titled "Inquisitor", they can begin to pursue their romance with Sera more seriously. Sera will pull the player aside and congratulate them on their title, as well as express concern about the Elder One and what he means for her religious beliefs. During the conversation, she will say, "How pretty are you that I actually think this shite is possible?" If the Inquisitor flirts back, Sera will say that they should "see how things go" in terms of their relationship.

After that, the Inquisitor is able to ask Sera at any time about where their relationship might be going. If Sera does not have high enough approval to pursue the relationship, she will continue to say that she needs to get to know the Inquisitor better. During this time, the Inquisitor can bring Sera along on missions in order to raise her approval. One opportunity for large amounts of approval comes after the completion of Sera's personal quest, when the Inquisitor can support Sera's actions or tell her that she caused too much harm. If the Inquisitor supports her, Sera will greatly approve and say that she is not used to "that acceptance thing you're doing". She'll say that the "Lady" Inquisitor is on her good side, and that she hopes that it lasts.

As her approval improves, a cutscene will occur where Sera tells the Inquisitor that the Inquisition needs pranks. If the player takes part in each prank, Sera will slightly approve. At this point the Inquisitor should have enough approval to officially begin the relationship by asking about where their relationship is headed. This will prompt a cutscene where Sera will say that she's noticed the flirting and seen the looks that the Inquisitor has been giving her. She will tell the Inquisitor that she likes her and doesn't want to share her. The Inquisitor can choose to decline the romance during this conversation, officially begin the romance and leave to go have sex with Sera, or begin the romance but state that she wants to wait before they begin having sex together. Sera will also start calling the Inquisitor a random nickname during this conversation. If the Inquisitor responds negatively to the nickname, Sera will change it to a different random nickname, but she will only do this once.

After the relationship officially begins, the Inquisitor is able to kiss Sera any time she wants to when she's in Skyhold. Once Sera's approval is high enough, there will be a cutscene where the player eats cookies on the roof with Sera. After this cutscene they are also able to spend time together on the roof at any time the player chooses.

Sera looking for her lover on the balcony of the Winter Palace.

If the Inquisitor takes Sera adventuring, Sera will occasionally make passing references to their relationship during party banter, or make comments that prompt the Inquisitor to remark upon it. For example, Sera will propose a plan to Blackwall wherein she seduces a hypothetical man. The Inquisitor will object and Sera will then explain that at the point in the plan when the man proposes sleeping with her, Sera will tell him that she prefers his wife and then punch him in the face.

Eventually, Sera will mention to the Inquisitor that she bought them a hat. While the hat ended up being stuffed with apples in an attempt to mock Corypheus, the gift begins to make the Inquisitor wonder if she should give Sera a gift in return to express her fondness. The quest A Woman Who Wants for Nothing will begin, and the Inquisitor must ask the other members of the Inquisition if they know what type of gift she can buy Sera.

While most of the Inquisition will respond by making negative comments about the Inquisitor romancing Sera, talking to everyone is the only way that the quest can be completed. Most companions will not have any suggestions, but Vivienne will sarcastically remark that the Inquisitor should just shave her pubic hair to say something crude. The Inquisitor can agree or decline. If the Inquisitor rejects the idea in conversation with Vivienne, Dorian will also suggest it.

Regardless of the Inquisitor's choice, she will need to talk to Sera after she has finally talked to everyone else in the Inquisition. When the Inquisitor mentions that she asked everyone for a gift idea but has no idea what to get, Sera will be gleefully pleased over the fact that the Inquisitor talked to anyone at all about their relationship. The fact that the Inquisitor told everyone that she's the Inquisitor's lover makes her delighted, and she claims it's the best gift ever. She pulls the Inquisitor to bed as thanks, and the screen will fade to black as they kiss.

If the Inquisitor agreed to Vivienne's idea instead, a scene will show a naked Sera and Inquisitor in bed with Sera laughing in disbelief that the Inquisitor shaved something into her pubic hair. Sera will fall off of the bed in laughter and pull the Inquisitor down with her.

After What Pride Had Wrought, Sera will comment that she believes everything in the temple was from demons, and not the elven gods. The inquisitor can say she disagrees, and if she is Dalish, she can remind Sera that she believes in the Creators. This will result in a fight, where the relationship will end, (with Sera saying she should have known she wasn't "elfy enough" for the Inquisitor) or the player can agree to Sera's request to say she was "just kidding" about her religious beliefs, continuing the relationship. Sera will disapprove if other races say "But it's important" or "I've said I'm not her Herald", but she will only end a relationship with an elf.

When the Inquisitor approaches Sera later in the game, she will angrily tell the Inquisitor to leave her alone before attempting to storm off. The Inquisitor will follow Sera, demanding to know what she did wrong. Sera will say that she had a dream where the Inquisitor died. She claims that dreams show stuff that she doesn't want to think about. She will spend some time yelling at the Inquisitor about things in their relationship that piss her off, but she will gradually imply that she's actually angry about the fact that she's falling in love with the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor can point this out to her, or end their romance then. If the Inquisitor points out Sera's overuse of the word "love" in her angry rant, and tells Sera that she loves her back, Sera will respond by angrily tackling the Inquisitor around the waist as the screen fades to black. There will be a short scene afterwards where the Inquisitor and Sera are drinking together as says, "We really need a bigger gap between fighting and kissing."

Sera worried that the Inquisitor isn't in a partying mood.

The Inquisitor can continue to see romantic cutscenes and conversations throughout the rest of the game. After the Inquisitor defeats the Elder One, Sera will join the Inquisitor in her chambers when the Inquisition celebrates at Skyhold. Sera will confess how much she loves the Inquisitor's ability to stay herself despite all of the "Herald" stuff, and she can't wait to continue to stay by the Inquisitor's side. The two of them will walk out on to the balcony, looking over the beautiful landscape together as the scene fades to black and the credits roll (closing on a suggestion from Sera to push the bed off the balcony to see what happens).


This section contains spoilers for:

If the Inquisitor is in a relationship with Sera:
Sera will ask the Inquisitor to marry her. The Inquisitor can either say that it's enough that Sera is with her, or call her a loony and say, "All the yesses. Every frigging one."


Initial talents

Sera alternate tarot card

Despite being an elf, Sera is "human-trained" rather than "elf-trained" for the purposes of what armor she can wear. She is the only companion with this quirk.

Ability trees Initially selected abilities
Double Daggers Double Daggers
Archery Archery
Sabotage Sabotage
Subterfuge Subterfuge
Tempest Tempest (specialization)

Initial equipment

Armor variations for Sera. Note: Sturdy, superior & refined armors of the same type are visually identical.

Weapons Firm Hunting Longbow Firm Hunting Longbow
Armor Hunter Coat Hunter Coat

Restricted accessories

Amulet of Power Amulet of Power (2)


Tier progression of Sera in Heroes of Dragon Age

Main article: Sera/Dialogue
  • (When meeting the Inquisitor for the first time.) "The important thing is: you glow. You're the Herald thingy?"
  • (While removing an arrow from the aforementioned noble's head.) "Blah, blah, blah! Obey me! Arrow in my face!"
  • (Dealing with Lord Pel Harmond of Verchiel.) "Mother pusbucket frigging bastard shitebag pissface! Eat it, you lop-eared, son of an arse-nut rot-suck piece of...ugh!"
  • "Someone little always hates someone big. And unless you don't eat, sleep, or piss, you're never far from someone little."
  • "If you don't listen down here too, you risk your breeches."
  • "Rich tits always try for more than they deserve."
  • "Watch out, yeah? The hole in the sky didn't start their war. Stupid people did that."
  • "I just... I've got all this Chantry stuff in my head, and it makes sense, right? But it's... fuzzy. I want to see if it's all really real. I just don't know if I want to really know."

Codex entries

Codex entry: Sera Codex entry: Sera
Codex entry: "Sera Was Never" Codex entry: "Sera Was Never"

Note texts

A Ruined Picnic A Ruined Picnic
Sera's Cabinet of Wonder Whose It Was Sera's Cabinet of Wonder Whose It Was
Sera's Past and Now Things Sera's Past and Now Things


  • Sera was written by Lukas Kristjanson.[6]
  • Although Sera is an elf, she is not elf-trained and thus cannot equip any equipment which requires that trait.
  • Sera is the first female companion who is an exclusive romance option for a female protagonist in the Dragon Age series.
  • While a male Inquisitor can't romance Sera, they can flirt with her and do some pranks with her around Skyhold.
  • She is described as "The Wildcard" in the promotional materials.[7]
  • Mary Kirby describes her as Tequila and Skittles.[8]
  • Sera cut her hair with a knife because it got in her eyes,[9] which is why it looks uneven.
  • Sera is described as being kind of nuts and probably best defined by her contempt of bigwigs.[10]
  • Sera's greatest fear is nothingness.
  • Sera can tell the Inquisitor that she has played with a small painted box when she lived in Denerim during the Blight. It's possible that it's the same box the Warden steals for the Friends of Red Jenny from First Enchanter Irving's office.
  • Sera is a head taller than all other female elves in-game.
  • According to banter with Solas, Sera appears to have occasional flashes of the uncanny sensitivity to magical or supernatural effects that is part of being elven, in spite of her disdain for acting "elfy."[11]
    • Unused data in the game suggested this may have been expanded on for her specialization class, but was later changed to the Alchemy-based Tempest class she has in the final version.
  • If not romanced, she starts a romantic relationship with Dagna, whom she affectionately nicknames her "Widdle".
  • During Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, Sera is introduced as "Her Ladyship Mai Bhalsych of Korse."
  • Sera is the only companion to have a tavern song about her. According to banter with the Inquisitor, Sera Was Never was Maryden's unsuccessful attempt at wooing Sera.
BioWare canon.png
The following characters, lore and events in this section are non-canon in Dragon Age and exist only within the Dragon Age tabletop RPG.

  • Although Lady Emmald treated her well, her associates treated the girl with the typical disdain they gave "knife-ears." While being raised by a noblewoman afforded Sera with more care than other elves in her position could have hoped her, the upbringing was Andrastian and human-centric, leaving her with no connection to other elves and a great fear of magic.[1]



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