Ser Wesley's Shield is a unique metal shield, restricted to Aveline Vallen, in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Formerly the property of the templar Ser Wesley Vallen, it was then used by his wife Aveline during the Destruction of Lothering, after her husband was injured and became unable to continue fighting. Aveline will have this Shield, Chevalier's Reach, and her Modified Officers' Issue equipped when joining the party during the prologue.

Notes Edit

During her companion quest, Shield of the Knight Herself, if Hawke sells or destroys Ser Wesley's Shield, Aveline will complain about it being sold for gold; or if it is in storage, she'll complain that Hawke keeps passing it around, and that she has been giving up a lot of her old life. Though if you let her equip the shield, she'll say she doesn't need a new one.

Bugs Edit

pcIcon pcEven if the shield is put in storage at Hawke's homebase there is a chance of Aveline still complaining over the shield being sold.

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