Ser Isaac's Armor is a medium armor item set obtained with the Ser Isaac's Armor downloadable content for Dragon Age II. The set was announced on January 20, 2011.[1] Players who purchase Dead Space 2 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC (retail only) can redeem this armor.

The armor set is intended for a rogue, since it requires dexterity and cunning to equip it. It is similar in appearance to the Advanced Suit from Dead Space 2.

Background Edit

The chilling tales of Ser Isaac of Clarke are a favorite of bards performing in the wee hours of the night. In dank taverns throughout Thedas, these horror-filled stories captivate listeners and bring nightmares to those faint of heart.
—From Codex entry: Ser Isaac's Armor

Details Edit

Note: This set of matching armor does not confer any extra bonuses when all pieces are equipped.
Name Armor Runes
Act Enhancements Notes
Ser Isaac's Armor
Requires: 20 dexterity
14 cunning
98 2 any +20 armor Requires Ser Isaac's Armor DLC
Ser Isaac's Gauntlets
Requires: 19 dexterity
13 cunning
23 0 any +2 armor Requires Ser Isaac's Armor DLC
Ser Isaac's Boots
Requires: 19 dexterity
13 cunning
35 0 1–3 +4 armor Promotional item
Ser Isaac's Helm
Requires: 20 dexterity
14 cunning
39 1 +5% critical damage
+8 armor
downloadable content

Notes Edit

  • This offer expired on March 31, 2012 for all platforms.[2]
  • All PC digital download versions of Dead Space 2 seem to be excluded from this promotion. However, you may ask for the code to be applied to your account through EA Live Support.
  • As of October 16, 2016, Ser Isaac's Armor is free to download for any owner of Dragon Age II with an Origin account using the in Origin downloader under Dragon Age II / Show Game Details / Extra Content.
  • The redemption code unlocks the armor for both PC and Xbox 360 versions of Dragon Age II.

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File:Dragon Age 2 - Ser Isaac of Clarke Armor Set Trailer HD

References Edit

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