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Ser Garlen's Sword is a longsword in Dragon Age: Origins.


Pick, the elven messenger

To obtain this sword, the Warden must lie to Pick, the elven messenger running around the camp at Ostagar, by saying that they have a message for him. If the Warden has sufficiently high Cunning, or 1 point in Coercion, they can persuade Pick to hand the sword over. Alternatively, Pick can be intimidated, which requires no skill check.

If an initial coercion check fails, it is still possible to get the sword from Pick by following up with the intimidation dialogue choice and the insistent choices after it. Pick will be resentful and distressed, but will nonetheless surrender the sword, asking for an excuse he can give afterwards regarding it. The choice is inconsequential, and the player can kill him at this point.

Pick is first encountered when the player approaches the Ash Warrior Leader near the entrance to the Korcari Wilds. This triggers background dialogue between the Leader and the messenger.

If you happen to lose track of the messenger after the initial encounter, he can be found at the south-eastern end of the west side of Ostagar, overlooking the valley, with a praying Chantry sister nearby. After a short delivery route, he will stay there permanently. He can only be found during the day.

Note: Alistair will lose Disapproves (-2) if he is present when you coerce Pick.