The Sentinel elves are a mysterious order of ancient elves located at Temple of Mythal in the Arbor Wilds, and possibly the Tirashan.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

They are the last "true" priests of their Temples and gods, as well as guardians for the Temples. They live a life of duty, frequently entering Uthenera and waking only to defend their temple. Being ancient elves, they personally remember the last days of Elvhenan's greatness. [1]

The only known sect of Sentinels still living are located in the Arbor Wilds. Others may exist elsewhere.

Though these ancient elves are isolated and unwilling to join the larger elven community, they are not unaware of the circumstances of the world. Some, like the Sentinels' leader, Abelas, resent modern elves for being diminished, and in fact think of them as "shemlen."[2] For all this, however, they are just as much at the mercy of circumstances as any elf, and lack the power to restore the world whose knowledge they struggle to preserve.[3]

Physically, they appear to be more muscular and larger than modern elves, with largely pallid coloring and little to no visible hair, along with gold eyes. As temple servants, they wear vallaslin. According to Abelas, some may give up their given names when they join the order.[4]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Inquisitor and Morrigan enter the Arbor Wilds in a bid to stop the Elder One from accessing the power in the Well of Sorrows, they encounter Sentinel elves battling the faction they did not recruit (either Red Templars, or Venatori). The Sentinels also attack the Inquisition, moving with unnatural speed, stealth and ferocity. They are strong in magic and fight in a manner no modern elf is capable of, with a power reminiscent of the Orb of Destruction.[5]

Sentinel elf archers

Upon reaching the Temple of Mythal, the Inquisitor and company witness Sentinels facing off against the Elder One and his minions, as well as a handful of Grey Warden escorts. The elves activate an ancient device that appears to kill the Elder One, but not before the resulting explosion kills them as well. The Elder One survives, horrifically reviving himself in the body of a Warden escort.

Inside the Temple, Abelas questions the Inquisitor's intentions. If brought along, Solas can be called on to assist in negotiating with them but demurs, saying they would not listen to him simply by "virtue of our shared blood".

If the Inquisitor has completed the temple's rituals, Abelas will permit them passage through the Temple and aid them in facing the Elder One. He delegates a Sentinel to guide them through the temple and aid them in confronting their nemesis (either Samson or Calpernia), in this case.

If they refused the rites, they must fight Sentinel elves throughout the Temple, as well as their faction enemies, until they reach the Well. Either way, Morrigan will run ahead of the party to intercept Abelas' attempt to keep the Inquisition from the Well. Depending on the Inquisitor's choices, he and the remaining Sentinels will ultimately allow the Inquisitor to use the Well and move on, or else will perish.

During the events of the Exalted Council, Leliana relays to the Inquisitor that she has been receiving reports of Sentinel elves being active in the Tirashan.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In written notes only legible if the Inquisitor drank from the Well, Abelas appears to mourn the diminishing even of the Sentinel elves. Many now do not remember Elvhenan or the greatness of Mythal, and he struggles to teach them what they cannot recall.[6]

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