For the golem, see Sentinel (golem).

Sentinels are Fade dwellers which possess suits of armor and constantly guard the repository of the Circle Tower and will attack any intruders. Presumably, there is some sort of a password that will prevent their activation, as the repository is infrequently used by the templars or senior Circle mages.

Skills Edit

Talent-PreciseStriking icon Precise Striking
Talent wns shieldpummel Shield Pummel (Sentinel Guardian only)
Talent wns assault Assault (Sentinel Guardian only)
Spell-RockArmor icon Rock Armor (Robed Sentinels only)
Spell-Stonefist icon Stonefist (Robed Sentinels)
Spell-Heal icon Heal (Robed Sentinels, rarely)

Notes Edit

  • Sentinels are very similar to the suits of armor in Redcliffe Castle: both are animated by magic (though exact details are unclear) and have a lighting charge run through them at activation.
  • Also, because game treats both of them as living humans, Sentinels and armor suits will still leak blood when slain.

Gallery Edit

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