Let's get this settled. It's almost lunch time, and my belly grumbles like a low-born dwarf.

The Seneschal of Serault is the serving Seneschal and counsellor to the Marquis of Serault in the mid Dragon Age. Something of a mediocre advisor, he provides reasonably competent but unremarkable aid to the Marquis.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Last Court.

The Seneschal provides assistance to the Marquis with either +5 cunning or +5 derring-do, depending on what personality the Marquis establishes for them.

If another individual is employed as Counsellor...

The brash seneschal becomes outraged and goes on a rant. He eventually leaves Serault, though he quietly returns minutes afterwards to retrieve a hat he had forgotten.

The cautious senechal is unable to hide his relief, and politely expresses his intention to retire to his estate and be responsible for nothing more important than his pond of ducks.

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