Selby is a mage sympathizer, and sister to a tranquil mage. She is the head of a secret underground railroad which aids the mages of Kirkwall.

Involvement Edit

Mistress Selby can be located during the daytime on the far western side of the Lowtown docks of Kirkwall at the back of a short alleyway, looking out to sea. She runs a board for mages seeking help and is the starting point for several Act 2 quests. The board she speaks of is a book located on a box behind her and to the Hawke's right.

You will not receive her quests if you sent Grace and the other mages to the Circle.

Quotes Edit

  • (Witty response) Hawke: "Ooh, cloak-and-dagger phrases! How about 'the queasy crow flies at midnight?'"
  • Mistress Selby: "How about 'the smart-mouthed Fereldan gets slapped across the face'?"

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Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360 After completing her last quest and being compensated, clicking on Mistress Selby again will result in an additional 1 DAO goldpiece trans and 100 XP. She will start to repeat "Many thanks, messere. Your payment.", but the dialog will cut short as Selby abruptly vanishes.
Note: This only happens if you completed both the Search and Rescue and How to Frame a Templar quests. If Keran was kicked out of the Templars during the Enemies Among Us quest then you do not get the How to Frame a Templar quest and never get this additional reward.
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