Seeing Red is a companion quest for Varric in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Varric saw enough red lyrium in Kirkwall for one lifetime. Now it's everywhere, and the worst of it "sings" like the shard that drove his brother mad. Varric would take no small pleasure in destroying those. Locate and destroy Primeval Red Lyrium nodes.

Acquisition Edit

This quest becomes available by talking to Varric in Haven or Skyhold about his reaction to red lyrium.

Walkthrough Edit

Twelve nodes of Primeval Red Lyrium are needed for the quest, however there are a total of 18 nodes scattered across the various locations. This gives the player some freedom to complete the quest regardless of the player's progress in game.

How to destroy the nodes Edit

  • xbox360Icon xbox360xboxoneXbox one icon - The nodes can be destroyed by using the regular interact button, no specific class ability is required. They can also be destroyed by using Explosive Shot or Shield Bash.
  • pcIcon pc - Destroying the nodes requires either the Bash ability used by a warrior, using Explosive Shot as a rogue or using Veilstrike or Immolate twice as a mage.

Node locations Edit

Locations of all 18 veins and the levels of enemies encountered there:

  • 3 in the Hinterlands
    • Ash Warrior's Refuge
    • Fort Connor
    • Lady Shayna's Valley - (level 15 enemies)
  • 3 in the Western Approach
    • Sand Rock Mine (level 11 enemies)
    • Forgotten Mine (level 11 enemies)
    • Shimmer Stone Mine (level 15 enemies)
  • 4 on Storm Coast
    • Inside Daerwin's Mouth, which is accessible during the quest Red Water (level 18 enemies)
  • 3 in Emerald Graves
    • inside Veridium Mine (level 15 enemies)
    • outside Villa Maurel, left side (level 15 enemies)
    • Southfinger Watch in the northernmost part of the Graves (level 18 enemies). There is a bottle of Chasind Sack Mead in the nearby camp.
  • 5 in Emprise du Lion
    • near Drakon's Rise Camp
    • near Valeska's Watch
    • in between Sahrnia Camp and Highgrove Camp
    • In the Sahrnia Quarry
    •  ?

Rewards Edit

  • 967 experience
  • 200 Influence
  • 2 Power

Approval Edit

  • Destroying the nodes with Varric in the party - DAIApproval Varric approves
  • Destroying the nodes without Varric in the party - DAIApproval Varric slightly approves

Notes Edit

  • Even though only 12 nodes are required to complete the quest, Varric will still give approval for every subsequent node destroyed, so it may be worth seeking out the rest.

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pc PC - The usual right-click or F to interact might work for some players, but isn't working for everyone.
  • Despite the broken shield icon, the destroy action can be done by any Warrior (Inquisition) whether they have Shield Bash (Inquisition) or not using interact.
  • pcIcon pcxboxoneXbox one icon Annoyingly, it will trigger the quest completion and sound every time you get near one after the quest is complete.

Gallery Edit

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