Secure a Source of Water for Outpost is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

This mission is available after capturing Griffon Wing Keep.

Operation text Edit

The Griffon Wing Outpost has some access to water but not enough to sustain the number of people there for a significant amount of time. The situation is not desperate, but if we are to maintain a presence in the Western Approach, the Outpost will require access to fresh water. We should locate a reliable source as soon as possible.

Adviser suggestions Edit

Josephine - 0:30:00 Edit

The Outpost will not last without water. A few scouts could search for a water source.

Leliana - 0:30:00 Edit

The Outpost must have access to fresh water. A few scouts should search the Western Approach for a reliable water source.

Cullen - 0:24:00 Edit

This should be a high priority. A group of soldiers can be sent to locate and secure a water source for the outpost.

Results Edit

Josephine Edit


A fresh water source has been located in the Western Approach. However a territorial wyvern also claims the area and the pair of scouts who discovered it were no match for the beast on their own. I'm afraid one of the men was injured in the attack. The wyvern will need to be removed from the area if the outpost wishes to have safe access to water.


Leliana Edit


Scouts in the Western Approach have located a potential fresh water source, but were driven off by a wyvern. I've heard from Sister Rosalie in the Approach: she believes that the beast nests in the area and was acting on territorial instinct. Regardless, the wyvern will need to be dealt with before we can enter the area safely.


Cullen Edit


Our soldiers in the Western Approach located a suitable freshwater source. They faced some resistance from a particularly aggressive wyvern, but were able to subdue the threat and secure the area. I'm told that Lieutenant Corr, in particular, should be commended for his quick response. As you can imagine, their success has raised morale among our followers in the Western Approach.


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