Secure a Route through the Frostbacks is a war table mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Available after completing the quest Lost Souls, located in the Fallow Mire.

Operation Text


We explored the Fallow Mire after you cleared the place out. I’ve stumbled on an old road that leads west to the Frostbacks. If it’s cleaned up, you could use it to shave weeks off a journey through the mountains. I’d rather be wet than freezing.

Scout Harding




The Traders of Ferelden drive almost as hard a bargain as the merchant-princes in Antiva, but I managed to negotiate a fair price for the location of the road from the Fallow Mire.

Ambassador Montilyet



The route leading west from the Fallow Mire is ready for use. My agents have found the shortcut most helpful. A secret’s usefulness is often measured in hours.




We have begun sending soldiers along the road from the Fallow Mire. I would like to pass on their considerable gratitude for being spared treks across the Frostbacks. Our healers seem happier as well.

Commander Cullen


Josephine: Gold

Leliana, Cullen: 30 Influence

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