Search for the Lost in Serault is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Note: This quest chain requires completing The Last Court in the Dragon Age Keep.

This operation becomes available upon reaching Skyhold, only if you completed Investigate Serault with Josephine.

Operation text

We know that Justinia's visit to Serault did not contribute in any way to her death. Ambassador Montilyet was considering allowing the Inquisition's emissary to remain by the marquis' side nonetheless. Unfortunately, an urgent missive from Serault informed her that both the marquis and the emissary had gone missing on a hunt. The marquis' family has men searching the deep woods across the river.

Advisor suggestions

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.


Not participating in this mission.

Leliana: 1:00:00

I can send a few of my spies. They will not be able to cover ground as quickly as the soldiers, but they can be quiet, which may be what's needed here.

Cullen: 0:48:00

I can send soldiers to join the search and cover more ground quickly. We lost enough at Haven.



Our scouts located a strange hut in the deep woods. Entering, they found the marquis and the emissary, sitting across from each other, playing a game of chess. Upon seeing our scouts, the emissary balked and fled. The report described his eyes as 'inhuman.' Our agents took off in pursuit, but were unable to capture him. Though the marquis showed appreciation for the rescue, he was unable or unwilling to provide us with answers about the fate of our emissary. A token of Serault has been gifted to the Inquisition, in gratitude and sympathy.


We found the emissary in the deep woods, but not the marquis. Our man was shaken and could not find his voice, but he was able to lead our soldiers to a strange hut. It was recently occupied, but whoever lived there had escaped before we got there. Perhaps they heard our soldiers coming through the woods. Not the most ideal of outcomes. However, the soldiers discovered groves of medicinal herbs in the deep woods──a minor consolation.


Leliana and Cullen


  • Leliana's result only mentions the Marquis of Serault as male however the Marquis may be female too, depending on player choice.
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