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Seanna is the daughter of Horsemaster Dennet and resides at Redcliffe Farms.


Seanna is the daughter of Master Dennet, Redcliffe's former horsemaster, and his wife Elaina. When her father retired after the end of the Fifth Blight, they all moved to the Hinterlands.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Herald goes looking for Master Dennet in the hopes of securing his horses for the Inquisition. However, he will not send them to the Inquisition until his lands are safe and he's confident that his animals will be well-cared for. He gifts The Herald a horse from his stables and directs them to see his daughter Seanna, who has prepped the horse for them. She offers to set up three courses around the farm allowing for the Herald to get acclimated with riding a stead. If the Herald completes them within the allotted time, she rewards them with some coin that she was saving for herself.


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