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Scream is a monster ability used by the Broodmother in Dragon Age: Origins.


  • Shake Duration: 3s

Near targets[]

  • Short Radius: ≤ 5m
  • Knockdown Duration: 2s

Further targets[]

  • Medium Radius: > 10m
  • Stun Duration: 3s

Furthest targets[]

  • Long Radius: < 20m
  • Attack Penalty: -5
  • Defense Penalty: -5
  • Disorient Duration: 5s


  • There is no resistance check for any of these effects.
  • The Broodmother uses Scream when her health is at or below 66% and 33%, before summoning a wave of darkspawn to assist her. She also uses Scream when she resumes attacking after that.
  • The cost is refunded and the cooldown is set to 0 whenever the ability is used.