What can I get for you, honey?

Sanga is the proprietor of The Pearl, a brothel in Denerim.

Involvement Edit

All transactions go through her. For 40 DAO silverpiece trans (or at the negotiated price of 30 DAO silverpiece trans) she will give you the following choices:

  • The men.
  • The women.
  • Some of both.
  • Surprise me.

She will then lay down the rules and let you make your choice. Each has a humorous outcome.

See The Pearl for outcome of the "Surprise me" options.

The poster on the Denerim Market District wall leads the Warden to the brothel. You can ask Sanga about meeting someone, and she motions to the back.

She is also a profitable stealing target. Any character with the stealing skill can steal:

Tre ico headband Headband, Gift
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