Sandal's Store is Sandal's shop in Dragon Age II. It is only available during the quest The Last Straw.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

If Hawke sided with the Mages, Sandal will be in the Templar Hall selling items and will also have the Storage Chest available. If Hawke sided with the Templars, Sandal will still be there but also in the Gallows Prison after the battle with Orsino. However his inventory remains the same but without any of the weapons or armor.

Note: Sandal's potion stock will restock after the confrontation with Orsino if they were previously bought out in the Templar scenario.

Templar HallEdit

Name Price
Health Potion
Health Potion Health Potion (x15)
40DAO silverpiece trans 42DAO bronzepiece trans
Lyrium Potion (Dragon Age II)
Lyrium Potion DA2 Lyrium Potion (x5)
53DAO silverpiece trans 90DAO bronzepiece trans
Stamina Draught (Dragon Age II)
Stamina Draught DA2 Stamina Draught (x6)
53DAO silverpiece trans 90DAO bronzepiece trans
Injury Kit (Dragon Age II)
Injury Kit DA2 Injury Kit (x3)
47DAO silverpiece trans 16DAO bronzepiece trans
Note: Also sells random generic weapons (x2), armor (x2) and accessories (x1), not specific to any class.

Gallery Edit

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