Salvage Operation is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. A supply ship bound for Vigil's Keep wrecked at Anselm's Reef. Mistress Woolsey has no men for a salvage operation, but suggests that some of the goods may remain.


The quest is given via a message from the Private in front of Vigil's Keep. There won't be a quest-marker (i.e. no glowing exclamation mark) for it, so it is recommended to initiate dialogue with the Private and ask about new messages every now and then. The letter will normally be available after returning from your first trip to the City of Amaranthine.

Walkthrough Edit

Head out to a new location on the world map named Anselm's Reef. Upon entering the area, the quest completes and scavengers attack the Warden-Commander.

Defeat the scavengers and loot their remains to get the Salvaged Trade Goods. The salvaged trade goods can also be found in crates around the area.

Since the quest completes as soon as you arrive in Anselm's Reef, the salvaged trade goods do not need to be turned in, and can instead be sold to any vendor.

Rewards Edit

Plt ico stolen goods Salvaged Trade Goods x14. Can be sold for a total of 28 DAO goldpiece trans
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