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Salit is a Tal-Vashoth formerly of the Ben-Hassrath, the religious enforcers of the Qunari.

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Little is known about Salit, other than that he was the qunari responsible for the elf Tallis's recruitment and training in the Ben-Hassrath. He later abandoned the Qunari altogether and was subsequently labeled Tal-Vashoth.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Following his defection from the Qunari, Salit became Tallis' assassination target. He plans to ally himself with Orlais through Duke Prosper de Montfort, buying his security with a "weapon" as a last act of defiance against The Qun.

The weapon Salit provided is in fact a registry of several viddathari (new converts to the Qun) living throughout Thedas as undercover spies for the Qunari, which, if exposed, would condemn them and everyone they know to persecution and death. When he passed the information to Prosper, the duke is irritated by the seemingly useless offering, having expected the formula for black powder, dreadnought plans, or a map of Qunandar. Before Salit can explain the value of the list, the tradeoff is interrupted by Hawke meanwhile Tallis snatches the scroll from Prosper. Salit reminds Tallis that he swore to kill her if she attempted to oppose him. Prosper strikes first however, firing some sort of green substance at Salit, which attracts his wyvern Leopold, who brutally kills Salit.

After the battle, Tallis pauses over Salit's corpse and takes a moment to mourn her former mentor.

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  • Like other Qunari, "Salit" is a career title rather than a proper name.[1]

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