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Sahrnia is a village in Orlais located in northeast Emprise Du Lion. The town's primary income is from the local quarries which export material all over Thedas.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In approximately 9:41 Dragon, Sahrnia fell into severe economic decline due to the ongoing War of the Lions. The war not only caused Sahrnia's mining trade to completely shut down but allowed for a large Red templar force to occupy the surrounding hills, leaving the town completely isolated. Mistress Poulin, leader of the village, sold her family's mine to the Red Templars, unaware of their true motives. When they started demanding that she provide them with miners, she sold many of the town's villagers in exchange for supplies for the remaining townsfolk.[1]


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

We arrived in the Highlands at night. I was immediately given the task of overseeing the acquisition and staffing of the Sahrnia quarry. I asked the general why we needed a quarry, if the crystals will grow anywhere. Apparently the Elder One believes the composition of the earth here will ensure that it grows more rapidly and abundantly.

Some of my men feel we should take the quarry by force. The general did not specify how I was to secure the land, so I am considering a more subtle approach. Any suspicions we raise will increase the chance of a military investigation, perhaps even the newly formed Inquisition. We must operate in secret as long as possible.

I scouted the quarry yesterday. It is quiet. With the war raging, I expect demand for luxury granite has decreased significantly. So much is gained through commerce. Why not exploit that?

—From the writings of Knight-Captain Fornier[2]


Granny Mae[3]
Michel de Chevin
Mistress Poulin


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