There are other ways to see the world. The Qunari have shown me that.

Saemus Dumar (born 9:16 Dragon)[1] is the son of Viscount Marlowe Dumar.

Background Edit

Saemus was born in 9:16 Dragon to Marlowe Dumar and his wife Phyllida Bowens, the daughter of a prosperous cartographer. He had an older sister named Venetia, who died as an infant in 9:14 Dragon. His mother died while giving birth to him, living just long enough to name him Saemus after her grandfather. His father became viscount when he was five years old, which brought great change to his life. It took him months for him to learn that the heavily armed men in his family's estate weren't there to hurt him. His father spent his days at the Viscount's Keep, and their formerly close relationship never recovered.

Saemus was a shy boy who preferred the company of books, and as such grew up without friends. At ten years old, he discovered Brother Genitivi's In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, which sparked his interest in Qunari philosophy. He dreamed of one day writing his own book to inspire future generations. When he was sixteen he began leaving the estate alone to wander the Wounded Coast seeking out the strange flora and fauna that thrived there.[2]

Saemus has long resented his position as the Viscount's son, feeling he lacks an identity of his own beyond his father's position. He and his father have many disagreements. In Saemus's words, "My father is as tired of being disappointed as I am bearing it." While traveling alone along the Wounded Coast, Saemus came across a Qunari named Ashaad, mapping the coast on the Arishok's orders. The two quickly bonded, despite Saemus never truly understanding Ashaad. Saemus admired Ashaad's certainty and will, as he was plagued by doubts, and Ashaad judged Saemus by his merits and not by his nobility.

Involvement Edit

Saemus is at the center of several political struggles between Kirkwall's government and the Qunari. He believes that the Qunari are misunderstood and is often sympathetic to them, in some opinions dangerously so.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

In 9:31 Dragon Saemus is supposedly kidnapped by the Qunari, but after being dispatched on an unbidden rescue, Hawke finds out he actually deliberately left Kirkwall to visit his friend Ashaad. A Nevarran mercenary group, the Winters, accepted the bounty to rescue Saemus and tracked him to the Wounded Coast, where their leader, Ginnis, mercilessly killed Ashaad and made it clear she has no qualms about abusing Saemus. When Ginnis realizes Hawke also came looking for Saemus, he reluctantly agrees to return with Hawke so long as the Winters do not profit from what she's done. Ginnis and the Winters attack but are slain by Hawke, who escorts Saemus back to his father. After a tense argument between father and son, Hawke can speak in support of or against Seamus, chastise both of them, or stay out of the discussion.

Note: You can speak to Saemus at the beginning of Act 2. If you choose the option "I don't like or hate them", you can gain Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+5).

In 9:34 Dragon, Saemus elects to convert to the Qun, and Hawke is asked by Viscount Dumar to convince him to return home. To Hawke's surprise, Saemus went to the Chantry, having received a letter from his father to parlay there. Hawke arrives to find Saemus dead, killed by Petrice, who was afraid that other Kirkwallers would follow his lead if he converted. Petrice attempts to frame Hawke for the act, claiming that Saemus repented on his conversion to the Qun and Hawke killed him on behalf of the Qunari, but Grand Cleric Elthina does not believe her and strips her of her rank. Shortly afterwards a Qunari archer enters and assassinates Petrice in retaliation for killing a follower of the Qun.

(Alternatively, if an aggressive Hawke sides with Ser Varnell and kills the Qunari delegates during Offered and Lost, Petrice will successfully pin Saemus's death on the Qunari.)

Saemus's demise becomes the catalyst which ignites the tensions in Kirkwall into open violence. The death of his only son sends Viscount Dumar into depression and renders him unable (or unwilling) to ameliorate the growing tensions in Kirkwall. Meanwhile the murder of one under his command without provocation proves to be the last straw for the Arishok.

Quotes Edit

  • "If I offend, well—some people try very hard to be offended."
  • "If I am lost to the Maker for refusing to hate someone, for finding beauty in the "other..." Well, perhaps the Maker is the one who is not worthy of me."

Dialogue Edit

  • Hawke: "I didn't picture Dumar's son being so rude."
  • Saemus: "Shameful, isn't it? How I don't mindlessly repeat the mistakes of my father?"

References Edit

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