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* Vinell, a clan elder
* Vinell, a clan elder
* [[Variel]]
* [[Variel]]
* [[Paivel]], A clan elder
* Terath
* Terath
* Ineria
* Ineria

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Sabrae clan is a Dalish clan as well as the clan of the Dalish elf Warden.

History[edit | edit source]

The clan was initially settled in the Frostback Mountains, where it flourished. In the winter of 8:82 Blessed, an Avvar clan attacked the camp, killing more than a dozen including the Second, Sarel, and the Keeper. Marethari Talas ordered her clan into the lowlands, the alpine forests where a Witch of the Wilds was said to be found. It is unknown whether they made contact but the pursuing Avvar were killed by Sylvans.[1]

Involvement[edit | edit source]

It is currently led by Keeper Marethari. The clan was camped in Ferelden near some ruins southwest of the Brecilian Forest just prior to the Battle of Ostagar at the beginning of the Fifth Blight. When two of their hunters were infected with the darkspawn Taint after discovering an Eluvian in the ruins, the clan went north across the Waking Sea into the Free Marches. Unsubstantiated rumors of "demon elves" and walking trees also plagued the clan. To cross the sea, they booked passage on the ship Pride of Amaranthine, still fending off Chantry investigations.[2]

Once in the Free Marches, however, an incident which resulted in the death of the clan's Halla left them stranded at the base of Sundermount outside the city of Kirkwall until 9:37 Dragon.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

After arriving at Sundermount, Marethari and her First, Merrill, investigated and found a demon, Audacity, imprisoned atop the mountain. The demon claimed to have knowledge of the Elvhenan at its apex and offered to share it in exchange for its release. Merrill realized that the demon had knowledge of the Eluvian and later learned blood magic from it to cleanse the darkspawn taint from the shard she had kept. This led to arguments between her and Marethari, as well as scorn from her clanmates. Merrill eventually left the clan to join Hawke after helping to revive Flemeth, and settled in Kirkwall to rebuild the Eluvian.

Three years later, Merrill and Hawke returned to the clan to request Master Ilen's Arulin'Holm, for the purpose of fixing the Eluvian, invoking vir sulevanan, the right of every Dalish to claim any property or artifact of the clan in exchange for a service. Reluctantly, Marethari assigned Merrill to slay a Varterral that had killed a number of their hunters, as the deal for the dagger. While collecting amulet from the fallen, they run into Pol, a city elf who had joined the clan during the Blight, who ran at the sight of Merrill straight into the varterral. Marethari later explained that she warned the clan that Merrill may potentially bring back the darkspawn taint. Though Merrill honors her side of the bargain, the Keeper does not, and instead, gives it to Hawke for safekeeping, leaving Hawke with the choice to either give the Arulin'Holm to Merrill or deny her the tool.

Another three years later, the clan still hadn't left Sundermount for unknown reasons. When Merrill and Hawke return to Sundermount to consult the demon on how to restore the Eluvian, Marethari revealed that the demon's plan was for her to complete the mirror and escape its prison, thus she chose to contain the demon within herself. Merrill is then forced to kill Marethari so Audacity would die with her. When confronted by the clan, unless Hawke takes responsibility for Merrill's actions, the clan may be wiped out by them.

Alternative Heraldry in Dragon Age II

Known members[edit | edit source]

  • Marethari Talas, the Keeper
  • Merrill, the First to the Keeper
  • Mahariel, the Dalish elf Warden and hunter
  • Ilen, the clan's master craftsman
  • Hahren Paivel, the clan's story teller
  • Maren, the clan's halla keeper
  • Tamlen, a hunter and childhood friend of Mahariel
  • Pol, a hunter and a former alienage elf
  • Fenarel, a hunter and friend of Mahariel
  • Ashalle, guardian of Mahariel
  • Junar, a hunter
  • Vinell, a clan elder
  • Variel
  • Terath
  • Ineria
  • Radha
  • Chandan
  • Harshal
  • Sarel, the Second to the former Keeper, Marethari's husband

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