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How could I deny my function? Qunari made me this way.

Saarebas is the title of the sixth and final episode of the web series Dragon Age: Redemption.

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In the world of Dragon Age, "The Fade" is a metaphysical realm that is separated from the physical world by a barrier called "The Veil."
Mages draw their power from The Fade to cast spells always at a great risk to become possessed by the demons who reside there.
With a great act of magic or death, one can tear the Veil between the two worlds.
Throughout history, this has never been a good thing..."

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Dragon Age: Redemption.


Nyree and josmael
The episode opens with Josmael arriving atop Sundermount, an elven ruin, a place of power for the elven people of the Elvenhan, according to Josmael. As he prepares himself for Saarebas's arrival, Nyree sneak up on him, alerting him to the rest of the party's presence. Neither Cairn nor Tallis seem to be bearing any ill will toward the Dalish. As they join him in waiting for the Tal-Vashoth, they observe Mythal's altar, the same Merrill used to release Flemeth from the amulet she gave to Hawke.[1]

To pass the time while they wait, Tallis and Cairn discuss their deal which is to duel for the Saarebas once they apprehend him. The Chantry wants the Saarebas alive, and so do Qunari. However, Cairn addmits that he left the Templar Order and if he wins the duel, he will kill the mage, not turn him in. He then suggests to the elf that she should also become a renegade and stop following The Qun just like he abandoned the Chantry. She responds that this would make her a Tal-Vashoth. Cairn then points out that perhaps Tallis already is one, as she has disobeyed Qunari order multiple times.

Cairn tallis kiss

They agree that they are both renegades in their respective cultures. Cairn then moves in to kiss Tallis who does not object and kisses him back. The kiss is witnessed by Nyree and Josmael. The reaver suggests that they should also kiss, but Josmael refuses, wanting to stay loyal to Fina. Nyree regardless pushes him to the ground, intending to kiss him, stating he needs practice before he kisses his betrothed. She is interrupted by Tallis who alerts them to Saarebas's arrival.

Tallis then suggests that she and Josmael will sneak behind the mage to rescue Fina before proceeding to attack the enemy. When asked why, she admits she is not fully a kabethari and she doesn't mind whether the mission is executed exactly the way the Qunari want it to.

Redemption dead
Saarebas places the Mask of Fen'Harel on Mythal's altar which causes a tear in the Veil, and a portal to the Fade begins to open. The party decides the time for action is nigh. They sneak up on the Saarebas's group to move Fina out of danger first but—to their surprise—Fina alerts the Qunari to their presence. She explains herself to Josmael, stating that she never felt special living with her clan, and that only significant thing she would ever accomplish would be getting married to Josmael. She then encourages her betrothed to join the mage as well. She was promised by the Saarebas that her blood holds great power, as does Josmael's.

As they talk, Nyree, Tallis, and Cairn fight the two mercenaries remaining at Saarebas's side. Saarebas also uses magic to awaken the dead who occupy Tallis while Nyree and Cairn fight the rogues. Nyree then declares she will take care of them herself so that Cairn could strike at the mage. But then, one of the walking dead attacks him as well.

Mask powered

Meanwhile, Fina tempts Josmael with the same words she has fallen to: A little blood for a lot of power. As she tries to stab him for his blood, Josamel resists and they struggle. Saarebas brings them closer with magic, causing Josmael to unwillingly stab Fina instead. She falls to the altar, and her blood flows towards the Mask, setting the ritual in motion.

Cairn under spell

Cairn manages to kill the creature attacking him, but he is incapacitated by Saarebas's Force Field spell. As Cairn is forced to listen, Saarebas sarcastically thanks him for freeing him as a reward for killing Cairn's family. Nyree bludgeons one of the rogues with a rock, and the other is frozen by Josmael's Cone of Cold. As Tallis manages to kill one of the arisen dead, Josmael cries out to her to stop the bloodflow which powers the Mask of Fen'Harel. Tallis throws her dagger into the Mask instead, shattering it.

Cairn struck

With the Mask no more, the Veil heals itself. Saarebas, in his anger, loses focus, and so Cairn regains freedom from his spell. The mage, however, charges lightning, intending to hit Tallis with it for she ruined his plans. But when he casts his spell, Cairn protects Tallis with his body, paying the ultimate price for it.

Redemption saarebas killed

Tallis then manages to put the magic-blocking collar on him, when she realises Cairn has fallen. Her pleas for Josmael to heal him are for nothing for the templar is dead. With the collar on him, the Saarebas knows he is defeated. He congratules Tallis living up to her title, "to solve". Calling the entire adventure a respite, he acknowledges that he has to return to the Qunari to be a Saarebas again. When asked for his reasons by Tallis, he says that this was his nature, he was made this way by the Qunari and that he can't be someone else. Tallis agrees, and in her first act as an out of closet renegade, she slits Saarebas's throat, defying her orders. Her last words to him were: "This is for Cairn," and killing him she revenged both Cairn, and his family.

Tallis waving goodbye

Tallis waving goodbye

By morning, Cairn is buried along with another person next to him, but it is unknown whether it was Saarebas. Nyree and Josmael say their goodbyes to Tallis, as Nyree promises to help Josmael get back to his people on her way back to Nevarra, to get "clear of the blasted law," as she is still a fugitive in the Free Marches. Tallis then regulates Nyree's pay, and Josmael hands Tallis the broken phylactery that belonged to Cairn, as a keepsake. She thanks him and says that he will become a fine Keeper one day, but he replies that he already is a Keeper, acknowledging his role within his clan. Nyree suggests blaming Cairn for Saarebas's death, but she denies and walks away. As she waves goodbye, she tells them that when they meet again, she might become a Tal-Vashoth.

The episode ends with Tallis's narration, as has the first episode started. She is quoting poetry of unknown origin: "Past the idea of right and wrong, there is a field. When a soul lies in that grass, the world is in balance. I will meet you there."

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Saarebas head cut off

The head prop

  • Mythal's altar was based on the one appearing in Dragon Age II, but it appears that BioWare has provided Greg Aranowitz, the Production Designer for the series, with an outdated model of the altar. The one in the final release of the game has much less wall around it, but earlier in the development the walls were still there, and thus the altar is surrounded by walls in this episode.[2]
  • Originally, Saarebas's head was meant to be cut off and taken as trophy by Tallis. The scene was even recorded, but then it was changed to fit more Tallis's character. Some remnants of the head being taken remain, though. For example, as Tallis walks away from Nyree and Josmael, she fixes her belt, where the head was mounted, but was digitally removed in postproduction.[3]
  • The walking dead initially were meant to play a much bigger part in the story, but ultimately it was changed due to several reasons, including the actors' allergy to latex.[4]
  • The introduction claims that mages can fall to demons any time they cast a spell, but it is not so. Demonic possession occurs whilst the mage is in the Fade, usually when sleeping in physical world.
  • Qunari don't bury the deceased, but Tallis buried Cairn's body, and someone elses', but it is not clear whether the grave next to Cairn's belongs to Saarebas.

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