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Saarebas (Qunlat for "dangerous thing") is a Qunari word for a mage, as well as a title given to all Qunari mages. Non-Qunari mages are called Bas Saarebas (Bas meaning non-Qunari)

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Chained and masked Qunari mages

The world treats all mages with caution, but the Qunari are especially hard on their own. The strict and regimented treatment of Circle mages by the templars pales in comparison to that of the Saarebas by the Qunari. Whereas the Circle mages have relative freedom within their towers, Saarebas are seemingly prisoners within their own body, donning a set of heavy pauldrons with chains attached to them, perhaps to act as a form of leash, while their faces are hidden beneath a metal visor. In extreme cases their lips may be stitched together.[1] If found practicing forbidden magic, their tongues are cut out to prevent them from corrupting others.[2]

Saarebas do not receive a proper instruction and are essentially hedge mages. Even so, they are said to be much more powerful than most human or elf mages. They are considered weapons and as such are trained with the focus on destruction.[3]

In Qunari society, a mage is never allowed to be alone, and must always be kept under watch by an Arvaarad. If Saarebas separate from their keeper, they must be slain, or commit suicide, according to the Qun. The chained armor the Saarebas are forced to wear can immobilize them through a device held by an Arvaarad. The Qunari also invented a mobile version of the magic-blocking device which makes mages unable to cast spells – it is in the form of a collar.[4]

The Qunari pity, but honor the Saarebas at the same time, for the Saarebas striving while under constant threat from within is truly selfless, the highest virtue of the Qun.[1]

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Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

Dragon Age II Edit

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Dragon Age II.

Saarebas shepherding wolves

A Saarebas chooses to immolate himself over living free of the Qun.

Dragon Age: Redemption Edit

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Dragon Age: Redemption.

  • One Saarebas got separated from the Arishok's group. He destroyed a human village and a Dalish camp whilst on the loose.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • With the threat of the Venatori now adding to their war with the Tevinter Imperium in the north, the Qunari dispatch Hissera; a Saarebas, to serve as an agent of the re-established Inquisition in the hopes that this contribution would help to secure a full alliance with the Inquisition

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As part of the Dragon's Breath conspiracy, several Saarebas are deployed in combat with non Qunari forces and later a Ben-Hassrath agent; Viddasala unleashes her personal escort saarebas, Saarath in a final bid to kill the Inquisitor.

Abilities Edit

  • Cone of Lightning
  • Electrical Field
  • Lightning Ball
  • Teleport

Elemental resistances Edit

  • Cold: very weak
  • Electricity: normal (immune on Nightmare)
  • Fire: normal (immune on Nightmare)
  • Nature: very weak
  • Spirit: normal

Special traits Edit

  • Immune to Flanking
  • Very weak health and armor

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