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“You cannot hide within the Grey Wardens' ranks”

Rylock is a templar who accompanies the royal troupe traveling through the Arling of Amaranthine to Vigil's Keep.


According to Anders there was a certain female Templar who repeatedly kept tracking him down through his many escape attempts. Anders was unsure if she was specifically requesting to take on the mission or was being assigned to it by default.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

After the Battle of Vigil's Keep, Rylock arrives along with Ferelden's new monarch. As soon as she notices Anders in the Warden-Commander's party she will attempt to arrest Anders on sight after arriving as the latter is an apostate.

The Warden-Commander can either consent to this, attempt to convince her to show leniency, or invoke the Right of Conscription on Anders and conscript him as a Grey Warden, placing him outside the Templars' jurisdiction.

If Rylock is prevented from arresting Anders, she will elect to take the matter into her own hands. Rylock arranges a trap in the City of Amaranthine during. Knowing that Anders would try and destroy his phylactery she uses a rumour that it is located in a warehouse in the city to lure Anders and the Grey Wardens there so she can ambush them. Rylock will demand the Warden-Commander hand Anders over to the Templars even though he has gone through the Joining.

The Warden-Commander will have to choose whether to surrender Anders to her, or keep him in the party. If the latter is chosen, Rylock will attempt to take Anders by force and must be killed along with several of her fellow Templars.


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