Knight-Captain Rylen is the Inquisition commander of Griffon Wing Keep and Cullen's second-in-command.


Rylen is the youngest of five children of a Starkhaven stonemason. He joined the Templar Order at fifteen because he wanted to do something useful with his life. He quickly gained a reputation as a problem solver among Starkhaven's templars, and eventually became Knight-Captain.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Following the destruction of the Kirkwall chantry in 9:37 Dragon, Rylen was dispatched to lead an aid mission and coordinate rescue efforts. While in Kirkwall he met Cullen leading the remnants of Kirkwall's Templars.

When the Mage-Templar War broke out Knight-Commander Karsten elected to follow the Lord Seeker's edict and joined the revolt against the Chantry. Rylen and many of the other senior Templar officers dissented and refused to follow. When Cullen offered them a position within the Inquisition, Rylen and many of his loyalists chose to join.[1]


Rylen is a somewhat blunt, pragmatic but reasonable man, who, while taking his duties both for the Templars and the Inquisition seriously, will not overlook a more pressing problem just for the sake of his faith, stating that "when the barracks are on fire, [he] will go and get a bucket of water, not [smite] the ashes for the heresy."


Knight-Captain Rylen can be found on the upper-most level of Griffon Wing Keep after the completion of Assault On Griffon Wing Keep.

When the Inquisitor takes Griffon Wing Keep from the hands of the Venatori, Rylen takes over as commander of the fort, coordinating reports from the Inquisition's agents in the area. The Inquisitor can consult Knight-Captain Rylen on the situation of Griffon Wing Keep.


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