Ser Ruth is a Grey Warden stationed in Orlais under the command of Warden-Commander Clarel.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After the tragedy at Adamant Fortress, Ser Ruth, seeking judgment, surrenders herself to the Inquisition and the Inquisitor personally. Ruth explains that in the chaos of the battle, she slew another of the order and asks that she be publicly shamed for her action. Although Wardens are legally absolved from prosecution of any kind in matters involving defense against the darkspawn and the Blights, Ruth insists that the Grey Wardens cannot use this privilege as a shield and wants to serve as an example that the Wardens are not above reproach. The Inquisitor may:

If absolved, Ser Ruth attempts to spread the word of the Maker in areas too dangerous for most missionaries. Josephine can dissuade her entirely, Leliana will misdirects her and she will wind up in a Chantry, while she will vanish near Venatori territory if Cullen outfits her.

If sent to her Calling, Josephine will arrange for her to join a Legion of the Dead team before heading into the Deep Roads, while Leliana or Cullen will wind up giving her the means to single-handedly destroy a major darkspawn enclave.

If the Inquisitor refuses and states that no one has the right to judge a Grey Warden's sacrifices, Ruth will mournfully remark that the Inquisitor has more faith in the Wardens than the Wardens themselves, before leaving Skyhold.

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