The Runic Golem is a companion in The Golems of Amgarrak DLC. It is one of Caridin's golems, modified by the Amgarrak researchers.

Involvement Edit

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Golems of Amgarrak.

A Runic Golem is found in the Deep Roads Grotto after the Warden-Commander and Jerrik Dace go through a few battles with the darkspawn. To activate the golem, the Warden must first find its control rod, which is located not too far away from where the golem is resting, as part of The Runic Golem quest.

The golem is crushed by a falling boulder as Amgarrak collapses from structural damage after the death of the Harvester.

Skills Edit

Ico CreatureSlamSmashStomp Slam
Talent-Quake icon Quake
Ico Hurl Hurl
Spell-ChainLightning icon Chain Lightning
Spell-CleansingAura Icon Cleansing Aura
Spell-GroupHeal Icon Group Heal (upgrade)
Spell-FlamingWeapons icon Flaming Weapons (upgrade)
Spell-Revival Icon Revival (upgrade)
Spell-Tempest icon Tempest (upgrade)


  • Tank (passive) - The creature is a tank, able to sustain significantly more damage than others of its kind. It gains a large bonus to health and a small bonus to armor.
  • Critical Hit Immunity (passive) - The character is immune to critical hits.

Upgrade locations Edit

Runic Golem HoDA

Promotional image of Runic Golem in Heroes of Dragon Age

  • The first healing upgrade is in the north-westernmost room of Amgarrak.
  • The second healing upgrade and Tempest are in the northernmost room of Amgarrak, along with The Reaper's Cudgel. (Must be in the Green Dimension to attain.)
  • Flaming Weapons and the first attribute upgrade are in the Ancient Hall. (Must be in the Blue Dimension to attain.)
  • The second attribute upgrade is in the path above the Forge. (Must be in the Red Dimension to attain.)
Note: The healing upgrades are Group Heal and Revival, but you always get Group Heal first, regardless of the location.
Note: The attribute upgrades won't work if you import a level 35 Warden, since the golem will already be max level.

Notes Edit

  • Runic Golem gets new powers each time a research note is found. Gathering all six notes unlocks the "A Secret Stitched Together" achievement.
  • Runic Golem is difficult to heal because it cannot use health poultices. The only means of healing it are injury kits and spells. If you are not a mage, make sure you have a proper amount of injury kits before starting.
  • Although Runic Golem has the same equipment slots as Shale, it can't equip any crystals.

Trivia Edit

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