This Run-Down Back Street is one of the many back alleys in the streets of Denerim.

Involvement Edit

The Warden must deal with the gang here (as well as two more in the Dark Alley and Dirty Back Alley) to finish the Back Alley Justice quest.

The Warden will also find the Hooded Courier for Grease the Wheels and entrance to Dirty Hovel for Dereliction of Duty.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Back Alley Justice
Ico Quest Dereliction of Duty
Ico Quest Grease the Wheels
Ico Quest The Last Request
Map-Run-Down Back Street

Map of the area

Characters Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Gang Leader (Human,Lieutenant) - heavily armoured weapon-and-shield warrior.
  • 9 Thugs (Human,Critter) - 2 archers, 4 dual-wielders and 3 weapon-and-shield warriors. Their skills can be found on the Back Alley Justice page.

Special objects Edit

Bugs Edit

  • This location is already on your Denerim City Map before you accept the Back Alley Justice quest. If you come here before accepting this quest you will encounter (and fight) the group of Thugs. After you kill them this quest will be added to your Journal, but when this quest is updated later (when you visit the other locations) a number of problems may occur, such as failing to register the fight or not adding the other locations on your Denerim City Map. So you should not travel to the Run-Down Back Street area before starting this quest.
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