These Run-Down Apartments are tucked at the back of the Alienage in Denerim. They show signs of having been cleared recently and unexpectedly of their inhabitants.

Background Edit

The Warden needs to pass through these apartments to find the source of the Unrest in the Alienage. The key found in the Tevinter Hospice or in the locked room here with the Tevinter Soldiers will open a second way out into a cut off area of the Alienage and from there to the Tevinter Warehouse. Alternatively, a rogue can lockpick his way through.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Unrest in the Alienage
Ico Quest Fazzil's Request

Characters Edit

Map-Run-Down Apartments

Map of the Area

Enemies Edit

  • An Elf Guard and three Tevinter Soldiers in a locked room on the western side of the building.

Containers Edit

Special objects Edit

  • Throughout the apartments are various clues indicating that the inhabitants had been forcibly removed. For example, a broken vase, a dinner table and chairs, a doll and a pool of blood.
  • Metal Door (Locked for 60 XP) leading to the cut-off area of the Elven Alienage. It can also be unlocked with the key from the soldiers in the locked room or in the Hospice.
  • A note implicating the slave trade and a key. Located on the table, in the room with the soldiers.
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