Rumblings From Beneath is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening; it appears on the Merchants' Guild Board in the City of Amaranthine. It becomes available when you have unlocked the entrance to the Smuggler's Cove at the back of The Crown and Lion Inn.

Walkthrough Edit

Once you have received the quest from the Merchants' Board, go to the Crown and Lion and enter the passageway to the Smuggler's Cove.

You will be confronted by a group of darkspawn - four genlocks and a genlock emissary. Dispatch these and the quest will be updated and you will be directed to report back to Kendrick for your reward.

Rewards Edit

The darkspawn will drop random basic loot.

Bugs Edit

  • Despite Kendrick saying he owes you a reward, and the journal reporting that he did so, the quest actually gives you no reward whatsoever.
  • Despite both quests giving you access to the hatch in the Crown and Lion, this quest is only obtainable after you finish Smuggler's Run. Completing Law and Order will not trigger its appearance on the Merchants' Guild Board, thereby making this quest unobtainable.
    Note: Considering this quest is given to you by the bartender involved in the smuggling, it's possible that it isn't given intentionally, seeing as you sided against the smugglers.
    • A solution is to compile the debug script "zz_getsetplotflag" with the toolset, then move the compiled script into your "Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override" folder. This will make it usable in Awakening. Once you have moved it, open the console and issue the command "runscript zz_getsetplotflag set coa100pt_board_cove_ds 0 1". The quest will now appear on the Merchants' Guild Board.
    • There is also an unofficial mod to activate this quest by completing Law and Order but without using the toolset.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360It is possible for this quest to disappear entirely from the quest log, making it unable to be finished.
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