Royal Elfroot is a tier 1 rare herb in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

  • Found in the Hinterlands:
    • 1 at the hut on the way from the Outskirts Camp to the Crossroads.
    • 1 in the back of the Apostate Stronghold (marked on the map as Mage Hideout) cave north of the Crossroads.
    • 1 more in the astrariums' cave in the same location.
    • 2 near the entrance to Valammar, south of the Upper Lake Camp.
    • 2 in the Rebel Queen's Ravine on the way from the Dusklight Camp to Lady Shayna's Valley.
    • 2 in Lady Shayna's Valley on the right side, near the ocularum.
    • 1 at the back of the Templar Encampment.
  • Found in Crestwood:
    • 1 at pond at the end of Still Waters.

war table operation with

Note: Trespasser required.

Uses Edit

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