Royal Archer is Sebastian's specialization in Dragon Age II.

Talents Edit

Royal Archer skill tree

Friendship ability Man Of The Cloth
Requires: Sebastian Friendship
Sebastian's faith allows him to endure hardships that would break other men. He knows these are just trials set out by the Maker.

Damage resistance: +5% for Sebastian

Damage resistance: +5% for Hawke

Rivalry ability Man Of The Crown
Requires: Sebastian Rivarly
His family murdered, Sebastian is the last living descendant of the ruling line of Starkhaven. He is determined not to let that situation grow any worse

Health regeneration rate: +50
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel
Activation: 30
Cooldown: 45s
Sebastian creates an ethereal personal decoy that keeps enemies occupied for a short time while he escapes in stealth.

Decoy Health: 50% of Sebastian's maximum health

Stealth Chance: 100%
Duration: 10s

Disciple's Discipline Disciple's Discipline
Requires: Guardian Angel
Sebastian has been through worse. He will get through this.

Damage resistance: +10%
Holy Precision Holy Precision
Requires: Guardian Angel
Sebastian is adept at finding the enemy's weak spots. Consequently, critical hits inflict more damage.

Critical Damage: +25%
Maferath's Advance Maferath's Advance
Requires: Holy Precision
Requires: Points in Royal Archer: 3
Whenever Sebastian strikes an enemy from behind, whether with a basic attack or using a talent, the attack now always results in a critical hit.

Critical Chance: 100% for flanking attacks
Righteous Chain Righteous Chain
Passive Every basic shot that Sebastian fires in rapid succession in a short period increases his chance to score a critical hit. Activating any other talent cancels the effect, but Arrow of Judgment can exploit that chain for extra damage.

Critical Chance: Stacking +2% per shot, up to 10 shots
Wounding Arrow Wounding Arrow
Activation: 20
Cooldown: 20s
Sebastian's arrow wounds a target, causing it to suffer increased damage for a short time.

Physical Damage: 1.13x

Physical Force: 2x
Enemy Damage Resistance: -15%
Duration: 10s

Wounding Arrow Debilitating Arrow
Requires: Level 14
Requires: Wounding Arrow
Requires: Points in Royal Archer: 2
Sebastian's Wounding Arrow now draws power from the effects of Righteous Chain. It further decreases enemy damage resistance.

Enemy damage resistance: -3% per shot in previous chain
Arrow of Judgment Arrow of Judgment
Activation: 15
Cooldown: 25s
Sebastian completes the combo built up by Righteous Chain. Every basic shot he fired immediately prior to using Arrow of Judgment increases the damage inflicted by breaking the chain.

Physical Damage: 0.57x

Physical Damage: +50% per shot in previous chain, up to 10 shots
Physical Force: 2x

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