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“And if I do not wish to be his Queen?”

Rowan Theirin (née Guerrin) is the daughter of Rendorn Guerrin and the older sister of Eamon Guerrin and Bann Teagan Guerrin. During the Fereldan Rebellion, she fought together with Prince Maric Theirin against the Orlesian usurper, King Meghren.

She eventually married Maric, becoming the Queen of Ferelden, and gave birth to King Cailan Theirin. She died of a wasting illness in 9:08 Dragon when Cailan was still young.[2][3] She is described as having beautiful brown hair and gray eyes.


Rowan spent most of her childhood in Redcliffe with her father and her two brothers. She was childhood friends with Maric and was betrothed to him at a young age. When Rendorn was convinced to join the rebellion by Moira the Rebel Queen, Rowan stayed with her father and the rebel army rather than going to the safety of the Free Marches with Eamon and Teagan. She became an adept fighter, eventually gaining command of the rebel cavalry.


Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne[]

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Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

After Moira was killed and Maric's whereabouts were unknown, Rowan refused to believe that he had been killed and used her cavalry to search for him. She finally found Maric, as well as Loghain, not long after the two had left the Korcari Wilds. Later, during a battle against the Orlesians in which Loghain led some of the rebels in a tactical maneuver that meant certain death, Rowan defied her father's wishes and rode to their rescue, saving Loghain and personally slaying the Orlesian commander, Felix, the usurper King Meghren's cousin.

In the following years, Rowan and Loghain struggled to drum up support for the rebel cause, her pleas often winning over those of the nobility who remembered better times. During this time, Rowan grew close to both Maric and Loghain. For much of her life she had been infatuated with Maric, but her feelings for him were unrequited despite their betrothal: Maric cared for her, but not in a romantic way. However, her relationship with him soured when he entered into a relationship with the elf, Katriel, and Loghain admitted his own feelings toward Rowan, which she initially rebuffed.

At the disastrous battle of West Hill, Rowan and Loghain abandoned the rebel army in order to rescue Maric. Katriel suggested that they use the Deep Roads to get back to Gwaren, where the rebel army had fled. Rowan was initially opposed to the idea. During their journey through the Deep Roads, she came to terms with Maric and Katriel's relationship. Loghain reaffirmed his feelings for her, and the two became lovers.

After surviving the perils of the Deep Roads and rejoining the rebel forces in time to aid in the Battle of Gwaren, Katriel was discovered to be an Orlesian spy, and was killed by Maric. Shortly after, Rowan entered a relationship with Maric on Loghain's insistence. Rowan resigned herself to her role as Ferelden's queen. At the Battle of River Dane, Rowan, along with Loghain, commanded the rebel army and led them to victory over the last chevaliers in Ferelden.

The affection she and Maric shared turned to love in the years that followed and she gave birth to his son, Cailan Theirin. Mother Ailis described this as a different love to that Maric had for Katriel, but insisted to Cailan that his father had loved his mother. Rowan would fall silent and Maric would look at her sadly whenever Loghain was mentioned, so the name was rarely spoken in the palace. Loghain never came there, and Rowan always found some excuse not to accompany Maric to Gwaren when he journeyed there.

Some years after Cailan's birth, Rowan showed symptoms of an illness which not even the mages of the Circle of Magi could cure. In later years, Maric suspected his wife's illness was caused by exposure to the darkspawn taint during their journey through the Deep Roads. After several months, the illness proved fatal, sending both her country and husband into a state of mourning. When people began to fear for Maric's health as his long seclusion was coupled with a waning appetite, Loghain was called to the palace and, after several hours, he emerged together with Maric from the king's chambers and the two mourned together in the place where Rowan's ashes were placed.

Dragon Age: The Calling[]

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Dragon Age: The Calling.

Maric became deeply affected by the death of Rowan. Over the next two years, Loghain noticed that Maric became withdrawn from his duties with the kingdom as well as his relationship with his son, a fact Loghain attributed to Rowan's death. During the Grey Warden's secret expedition into the Deep Roads which he participated in, Maric envisioned Rowan sitting in their bed chambers, advising him on his plan of action.

Later, Maric was pulled into a Fade dream where Katriel was his wife. According to Katriel, Rowan was implied to be Loghain's wife or lover in the dream.

Dragon Age: Origins[]

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Dragon Age: Origins.

When Arl Eamon calls for the Landsmeet, Teyrn Loghain visits the Arl's Estate in Denerim. In an effort to persuade Eamon to drop Alistair's candidacy to the throne and unite under his banner, Loghain brings up Rowan as an example of all his family had accomplished for Ferelden while her brother, according to Loghain, was about to destroy all this.


If Arl Eamon's son, Connor, is killed, the Arl's wife Isolde will get pregnant and die while giving birth to a daughter. The Arl will then name the daughter Rowan in honor of his late sister.


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