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Ronus Dace is a member of House Dace who is encountered during The Nobles' Feast in the Dwarf Noble Origin.


Lord Ronus is a fairly influential member of House Dace, trusted by his family patriarch Lord Anwer Dace to represent the house at a feast celebrating the first military commission of King Endrin Aeducan's second child. His son, Mandar Dace, is the heir of House Dace.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

He attends a feast in the Dwarf Noble's honor; should the Dwarf Noble be willing to hear him out, Ronus will attempt to enlist support for a proposition he plans to make. The proposition is to officially acknowledge surface dwarves and their familial connections, so those considered exiles may be reunited with their families. Should doubt be expressed towards Ronus's altruistic intentions, he admits that he couldn't care less about surfacers in general, but his wife is particularly fond of one of her cousins on the surface. The Dwarf Noble can then refuse or agree to support him; an agreement may be made in exchange for a promise of future information or riches.

If the Dwarf Noble speaks to Lady Helmi after agreeing to support Ronus, she denounces all of his 'good' intentions: House Dace lost a great deal of money supporting a merchant expedition which involved surface dwarves. The deal went awry and the surfacers owe House Dace a lot of money. The only way to raise this money is by forcing their wealthy former-relatives to take on the debt to House Dace. Thus Ronus's scheme would recoup its losses while simultaneously causing rival noble houses; notably House Aeducan, House Bemot, and House Helmi; to lose money.

The Dwarf Noble has three options after this:

  • Ignore Lady Helmi's warning and support Lord Ronus, potentially harming your house and enriching yourself.
  • Follow Lady Helmi's advice and publically humiliate Ronus by pretending to go along with his plan until he actually proposes it, at which point you speak out against him.
  • Confront Lord Ronus, telling him you know of his scheme. He will congratulate you on your political savvy, and then attempt to leave. If you prevent him from going or tell him he has insulted your house, an honor proving will be declared. The Dwarf Noble will fight to defend the honor of House Aeducan while Ronus's son Mandar will fight on behalf of House Dace. When Mandar is slain, Ronus will express deep regret for his actions, apologize to you and your king-father and then quickly excuse himself to mourn his son. Despite warnings of a possible reprisal, Ronus will not be seen or heard from again.
Note: If you didn't speak with Lady Helmi, you can still humiliate Ronus, but not confront/challenge him.
If you supported Lord Ronus, you talk to him after the ceremony. If you asked for a monetary reward he will give a Note of Credit which can be sold to the merchants for 25Gold; if asked for information he will mention a conspiracy and advise caution during tomorrow's expedition. Furthermore he will reveal that this conspiracy is within House Aeducan.


The Nobles' Feast The Nobles' Feast


  • Supporting Lord Dace during the ceremony does not seem to have any (negative or positive) impact on the game afterwards.
  • During The Nobles' Feast, King Endrin will call Ronus Dace as the head of House Dace despite the fact that Anwer Dace is the head of the House.
  • The BioWare wiki mentions that Mandar Dace is the son of Lord Anwer Dace which contradicts the established in-game lore.[1] It is unknown which version is correct.
  • Ronus Dace does not have a daughter, however if he had, he would have given her to Ser Gorim Saelac, or at least that's what he claims.


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