Rogue Item Pack II is downloadable content for Dragon Age II, included in All-Class Item Pack II or available for purchase separately.

The following items are included in the pack:

Axe green DA2 Bard's Honor
Axe green DA2 Fiona
Longbow green DA2 Longbow of the Avvars
Heavy armor green DA2 Arms of the River Dane
Heavy armor green DA2 Arms of Mac Tir
Medium helmet green DA2 Helm of the Vanguard
Medium helmet green DA2 King Maric's Helm
Medium gloves green DA2 Freeman's Gauntlets
Medium gloves green DA2 The Queen's Guard
Heavy boots green DA2 The River Trudgers
Heavy boots green DA2 Path of the Wilds
Amulet green DA2 The Pearl
Belt green DA2 The Adherent's Belt
Belt green DA2 The Refined Gentleman's Sash

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