Rogue Item Pack is downloadable content for Dragon Age II, included in All-Class Item Pack or available for purchase separately.

The following items are included in the pack:

Dagger green DA2 Jarvia's Shank
Dagger green DA2 Beraht's Revenge
Longbow green DA2 Hood's Message to the King
Medium armor green DA2 The Rascal's Scale, by Coinheart
Medium armor green DA2 The Black Fox's Jerkin
Medium helmet green DA2 The Black Sheep's Visor
Medium helmet green DA2 Jasmine Cutty's Wrap
Medium gloves green DA2 Caster's Skeleton Gloves
Medium gloves green DA2 The Lion's Claws
Medium boots green DA2 Simon's Lament
Medium boots green DA2 Rat Red's Longboots
Amulet green DA2 The Light that Pierces
Amulet green DA2 Eye of the Bearded Dragon
Ring green DA2 Lady's Choice

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