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For the occupation, see Rogue.
For the class in other games, see Rogue (Origins) and Rogue (Dragon Age II).
Rogue cards.png
Double Daggers
Starting attributes
Archery Double daggers
Health 500 500
Stamina 100 100
Strength 10 10
Dexterity 11 11
Willpower 10 10
Magic 10 10
Cunning 10 10
Constitution 10 10
Starting offensive stats
Attack 0% 0%
Main hand damage 36 32
Off-hand damage 36 32
Barrier damage bonus 0% 0%
Critical damage bonus 41% 53%
Critical chance 6% 5%
Flanking damage bonus 25% 25%
Guard damage bonus 0% 0%
Starting defensive stats
Armor 39 38
Armor: front 39 38
Guard - -
Magic defense 1 0% 0%
Melee defense 2 0% 0%
Ranged defense 3 0% 0%
Stat increases
Health per level 9
Ability points per level 1
1 Dwarves receive a 25% bonus to magic defense
2 Qunari receive a 10% bonus to melee defense
3 Elves receive a 25% bonus to ranged defense

A rogue is one of the three playable classes in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A rogue is the only class that can pick locks, which unlocks previously inaccessible areas. While useful, taking the perk Deft Hands, Fine Tools improves this further, enabling all rogues in your party (including a rogue Inquisitor) to handle tougher locks. This is necessary for some companion quests and collections, but is not mandatory for story progression.

Although rogues are the only class that can unlock all doors that don't require a key, other abilities can also open certain locked doors, provided they don't require the aforementioned perk. Examples include Stonefist and Shield Bash.

Official description[]

Armed with bows, daggers, and any number of dirty tricks, the rogue’s primary focus is damage: tearing foes down one at a time with systematic efficiency. Rogues commonly use a mixture of stealth and mobility to reach positions of advantage, be it a sniper’s perch away from enemy blades or behind an unsuspecting mage. Deadly and resourceful, rogues can tip the balance of any strategic assault.


Double Daggers Double Daggers

  • Experts in this style are fast and deadly, their blades slicing through enemies' defenses--and throats--before they have time to react.

Archery Archery

  • Experts in this style are masters of ranged combat. They can avoid enemies that attempt to close, put arrows or bolts through multiple foes, and even unleash explosive shots to devastating effect.

Sabotage Sabotage

  • Experts in these talents specialize in poisons and traps. Their dirty tricks leave enemies sick and limping, easy pickings for a sharp blade or a barbed arrow.

Subterfuge Subterfuge

  • Experts in these talents are masters of misdirection. Whether leaping to safety, disappearing into the shadows, or tricking enemies into slashing at empty air, they are never where anyone expects them to be.


Artificer Artificer

  • Intricate mechanisms are the core of the artificer’s craft: Deadly traps; Distracting contraptions; Marvels of engineering turned to deadly purpose. If an artificer is standing at the far end of a seemingly innocuous stretch of the battlefield, you should find another path. If he or she is smiling? Best just to hope your affairs are in order.

Assassin Assassin

  • Any rogue can kill a target, but assassins make death into an art form. They specialize in quick, deadly kills that let them slide back into the shadows undetected, or indirect kills that eliminate targets while the assassin is safely away.

Tempest Tempest

  • These unpredictable experts specialize in using alchemical mixtures that wreathe them in frost or flame. Fast, chaotic, and possibly mad, they wade into the fight and dare enemies to face the storm.


  • The descriptions of dagger abilities in Dragon Age: Inquisition are in iambic pentameter.[1] Also, the same descriptions between the base ability and the upgrade rhyme.