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== External links ==
== External links ==
* [ Party Profiles: Rogue]
* [ Party Profiles: Rogue]
* [ Official Class Page]
* [ Dragon Age 2 Demo Rogue In Action (Video)]
* [ Dragon Age 2 Demo Rogue In Action (Video)]

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For the occupation, see Rogue.
For the class in other games, see Rogue (Origins) and Rogue (Inquisition).
Rogue assassin
Rogue duelist
Rogue shadow
Royal Archer
Archery DA2
Dual Weapon DA2
Starting stats
Base Bonus
Health 125 (+25)
Stamina 130 (+30)
Strength 10 (+0)
Dexterity 13 (+3)
Willpower 11 (+1)
Magic 10 (+0)
Cunning 12 (+2)
Constitution 10 (+0)
Starting secondary stats
Base attack 64
Base defense 57
Increasing stats
Health per level
Stamina per level
Damage per level

The rogue is one of three playable classes in Dragon Age II. Rogues can wield a dagger in each hand or rain arrows from a distance. They are particularly adept at tearing down individual opponents and are the only class that can pick locks and disarm traps.

Class Description [1] Edit

A rogue fights with precision. Whether unleashing a torrent of arrows at range, or landing cut after devastating cut up close, these deadly combatants focus on a single target and dismantle it with deadly efficiency.

As an archer, a rogue’s mobility is his or her greatest asset. Able to leap clear of combat with ease, the rogue can easily evade single pursuers. Foes hoping to close in will often find themselves pinned in place by an expertly placed arrow through the leg. Should the situation grow more dire, careful distraction and well practiced evasion techniques let the rogue sneak clear of groups, letting foes turn their attentions to the heavily armored warriors.

Armed with dual daggers, a rogue focuses more on positioning, and teaming up with warriors and mages to deal out maximum damage while enemies are either distracted or disabled. Acrobatic strikes lacerate foes, often leaving them bleeding out and steadily weakening, while the rogue smoothly slips behind for a devastating backstab.

Rogues focus on dexterity and cunning, a combination that trades power for precision. Critical hits are the bread and butter of the rogue, and they have many abilities that can increase the odds of landing one. These attributes also lead to a solid defense, making the rogue a difficult opponent to hit, which is critical for a class that typically lacks the strength to wear heavier armors.

Specializations Edit

Rogue assassin Assassin
  • Anyone can kill for money, but those who follow the Antivan traditions know how to do so with style. While every assassin is different, some favoring up close and personal kills and others striking at range, they are all deadly predators and skilled at exploiting their foe’s weaknesses. There are a surprisingly large number of assassins at work in Kirkwall, though most are away on contract at any given time.
Rogue duelist Duelist
  • Duelists specialize in calling out single opponents and eliminating them, quickly. While the art of dueling is less popular in Kirkwall than the more-refined cities of Orlais, there are still plenty of trainers who can teach rogues they deem sufficiently quick of wit. The rogue’s preferred weapon, be it blade or bow, has little consequence on this tree. A distracted and enraged foe is an easy target at any range.
Rogue shadow Shadow
  • Shadow rogues employ misdirection and an unassuming façade to waylay their opponents with devastating attacks. As a smuggling hub, Kirkwall has more than a few practitioners of these techniques who will pass down their secrets to those they deem sufficiently skilled.

Talents Edit

Main article: Rogue talents (Dragon Age II)
Archery DA2 Archery
  • Archers specialize in picking off distant targets and suppressing enemy ranks. This talent tree is required for characters to equip bows.
Dual Weapon DA2 Dual Weapon
  • Rogues who favor dual weapons focus on close combat, using speed and precision to expertly fell their enemies.
Sabotage Sabotage
  • Sabotage relies on stuns and clouds of smoke to control the battlefield. Master saboteurs can even cause enemies to fight amongst themselves.
Scoundrel Scoundrel
  • Scoundrels strike hardest when the enemy is not looking. Rogues who delve into these talents are able to misdirect foes to a companion of their choosing.
Specialist Specialist
  • Specialists train their bodies for speed, precision, or attack. Tales tell of rogues who are even able to reach a nirvana-like state, in which their body is in harmony.
Subterfuge Subterfuge
  • Subterfuge talents focus on tricky maneuvering and deception to gain the upper hand in battle.

External links Edit

References Edit

  1. Dragon Age II: Classes
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