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“Ah, no offense, but your kings have some laws that don't make sense in a practical kind of world.”

Rogek is a casteless dwarf. He is located in the Dust Town and works as a lyrium smuggler.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Rogek does not seem to work on behalf of the Carta, but he still knows some of their secrets. He stands near the entrance to the Commons of Orzammar and will offer the Warden an opportunity to make some extra money through the Precious Metals quest. He asks the Warden to pay 50Gold for a shipment of Smuggled Lyrium to deliver to a man named Godwin in the Circle Tower, promising a "finder's fee" of 20Gold for bringing back Godwin's return order.

Instead of transporting the lyrium, the Warden can say "I'm going to turn you in" which will cause him to attack. During combat, Rogek prefers to stay in distance and use his crossbow while his men dual-wield and use rogue talents including Stealth.

If the Warden doesn't have enough money before they approach Rogek, they have to either kill him or decline. If his offer is declined he walks away and the quest can no longer be completed.


During Entering Jarvia's Hideout quest, Rogek is a another source of information on Jarvia, assuming that the Warden hasn't made a deal with him to smuggle lyrium and activated Precious Metals quest and hasn't left the position where he stands (which is possible if you reject his offer or not having enough money).

Precious Metals - Dragon Age Keep

The quest choices in Dragon Age Keep

If he is present and the investigation dialogue appears ("I'm looking for Jarvia. You got information to sell?"), you can offer to pay him 5Silver, 15Gold or by accepting his 50Gold deal to smuggle lyrium, you can learn how to get into the Carta Hideout. The first selection will reveal next to nothing. With the second and third option, he will explain the use of "tokens" by Jarvia's men. This will also update your quest journal and trigger an encounter with Carta Thugs, allowing you an opportunity to obtain a Finger Bone Token. If you already have it, you can ask him about it to open up bribery options.


Precious Metals Precious Metals


Bug icon Bug! Instead of 5Silver, only 40Bronze is subtracted and it requires Improved Coercion. Even if the persuasion fails and he does not tell you anything, the 40Bronze are still being lost each time you choose this option. For the 15Gold option, no money is deducted and no Coercion is required. Furthermore, choosing the second option and then thanking him for the tip, makes him walk away and thus renders the quest Precious Metals inaccessible; the only solution is to ask him if he has anything else (instead of thanking him) in which case he will tell you about the quest.
Bug icon Bug! From various dialogue approaches, you can negotiate to buy Rogek's lyrium again, but you will not gain a second package or lose any money.