For the character from Dragon Age: Inquisition, see Roderick Asignon.

Ser Roderick is a templar serving in Kirkwall.

Background Edit

Ser Roderick is the Templar assigned to investigate Keran and check for signs of demonic possession or other suspicious activities. However, he is deep in the throes of Lyrium addiction and as such is easily confused.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

If Keran remained a member of the Templar Order after the events of Enemies Among Us, the quest How to Frame a Templar will trigger in act 2.

During the quest, Hawke can track Ser Roderick down at the Hanged Man, where he will be inquiring about Keran. He can then be convinced to bring one of several charges against another Templar, Ser Conrad Vernhart.

Hawke can:

  • accuse Ser Conrad of being a demon worshiper
  • accuse Ser Conrad of taking bribes from Apostate mages in exchange for letting them escape
  • accuse Ser Conrad of murder
Ser Roderick will express amazement that Ser Conrad could be involved in such activities and then leave to report your allegations to his superiors. Depending on what Hawke accuses him of, the letter documenting Ser Conrad's fate will be slightly different.

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