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Rock Mastery is Shale's talent from the Rock Mastery tree in Dragon Age: Origins.


  • Aura radius is 7.5m.
  • By itself, Rock Mastery affects Shale and the party members in the following way:
    • Shale: +40 missile deflection, -5 armor, -10 defense, -10% critical chance.
    • Party: +5% ranged critical chance.
  • With Hurl Rock:
    • Party: -1s aim speed.
  • With Earthen Grasp:
    • Shale: +10 missile deflection (for a total of +50).
  • With Rock Barrage:
    • Party: +5% ranged critical chance (for a total of +10%), -1s aim speed (for a total of -2s).
  • Conjuration time: 2s.


  • Rock Mastery aura is totally unaffected by any of Shale's attributes.


  • pcPC As of patch 1.04, Haste and Swift Salve decrease aim speed rather than increasing it. Rock Mastery, effectively overriding any negative speed modifiers, can be used as a workaround. See Bugs (Origins) for details. Can be fixed with Dain's Fixes.
  • ps3PS3 xbox360Xbox360 This aura adds 7 seconds to ranged attack animation time rather than decreasing it. (The bonus to ranged attack speed functions normally on the PC version of the game.)
  • With Earthen Grasp, Shale's threat decrease rate attribute is increased by 40. However, the rate is hard-coded in the engine to 0.5/second so this has no effect. There's a mod to fix this so Rock Mastery decreases threat. Find it here.


  • It is possible to gain up to additional +20% ranged critical chance with maxed out Rock Mastery tree and Aim combination exploit. After area transfer, Rock Mastery's ranged critical chance bonus is applied over itself, but only as long as the archer stays strictly within Shale's aura limits (which makes this minor bug tolerable and definitely not game-breaking). Turning Aim off, then on, will net you a further crit chance boost, as Aim will now take the Rock Mastery bonus, that was wrongly applied twice, into account. This minor exploit is successfully used here to attain 77.20% critical chance due to Aim + duplicate Rock Mastery combo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFkR2qF7zs0
  • Permanent auto-crit for the whole party is attained with this exploit's help here
  • Aim speed and missile deflection bonuses are doubled after area transfer as well. The mod Dain's fixes fixes this problem.

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