For the spell in Dragon Age II, see Rock Armor (Dragon Age II).

Rock Armor is a mage spell from the Primal tree in Dragon Age: Origins.

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  • Upkeep is in mana.
  • Arcane Warrior spellcasting: the spell can be cast with your weapon(s) drawn.
  • Casting this with spellpower-enhancing abilities (for example, Spell Might) active will increase the effectiveness of this spell, thus gaining an increased bonus to armor, after which you may disable the Spell Might sustainable and the bonus will remain until the spell has been deactivated.
  • The armor bonuses are determined when the mage casts the spell; changing equipment while the spell is active does not change the armor bonuses.
  • This ability alters the visual effect of Fade Shroud when applied after Combat Magic is activated. The affected character will appear as a non-white translucent version of the character instead of the regular Fade Shroud visual effect.

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