Robes of the Pretender is a unique light chestpiece from the Mage Item Pack II DLC for Dragon Age II.

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As the Chantry's hold on the kingdom grew, and Aldenon's rebel mages were claimed one by one, the great Calenhad came to regret letting the Circle form in his kingdom. Certainly he missed his old friend's counsel.

And then Calenhad disappeared, leaving crown and kingdom to his unborn son.

One story says he tracked down Marterel the Elusive, the only one of Aldenon's apprentices who was never captured. Calenhad managed what the templars could not and found the mage. He asked Marterel where Aldenon had fled to, but Marterel refused him. The next night, the king asked again, and was again refused, so he began to tell Marterel his whole life's story. After a full week, the king reached the end of his tale and Marterel heard the regret in the king's words. So the mage broke his solemn vow and told Calenhad where his old master had gone. Calenhad thanked him and left to find his truest friend.

Whether Calenhad ever found Aldenon, what they said, and whether they made amends—only the Maker knows. But that's the last anyone ever saw our king.

—From a story told and retold many times by apprentices in the Circle Tower of Ferelden
—From Codex entry: Robes of the Pretender

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