Rob the maid in the market is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins. It is the first mark of the Crime Wave quest line.

Acquisition Edit

A Lady's Maid is in the central bazaar and she's carrying a purse with gems which the Warden is tasked to steal. She appears only if the Warden pays 50DAO silverpiece trans to Slim Couldry.

Walkthrough Edit

The Warden needs to find the maid and with a stealing action to relieve her of her valuable possession.

A successful stealing action requires the Master Stealing skill or the equivalent in cunning and/or Stealth.

Notes Edit

  • She is standing next to Cesar and the Warden cannot initiate a conversation with her, thus making the steal action the only available option.
  • Failing to steal her purse will generate a comment from her, however this won't fail the quest.
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