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Map of the Area

Upon arriving at the Roadside, The Warden sees a battle between mages and darkspawn: a mage with 2 apprentices is standing on top of a little hill, preparing to defend against a wave of darkspawn. Lucky for them, the Warden is there to help out. This encounter only occurs if the Warden sided with the mages in the Broken Circle questline.



  • Mage - He is taking the apprentices to Redcliffe. First Enchanter Irving told him that the Warden needs every able-bodied mage for the war.




  • All of the allies provide powerful support, able to cast the following spells:
Spell Might Spell Might
Stonefist Stonefist
Petrify Petrify
Earthquake Earthquake
Fireball Fireball
Shock Shock
Lightning Lightning
Tempest Tempest
Paralyze Paralyze
  • All of the darkspawn are melee warriors and so the only way for them to harm the mages is to run uphill, using one narrow path. While it is impossible to completely block it off with Glyph of Repulsion, a melee-oriented party can still bottleneck them in there. Also, it is a great place to lay down traps.


Even if they die the Mage will refer to the apprentices as still alive.

Notable items

Deathroot Deathroot