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Upon arriving, The Warden sees a battle between Mages and Darkspawn: a mage with 2 apprentices is standing on top of a little hill, preparing to defend against a wave of Darkspawn. Lucky for them, The Warden is there to help out. This encounter only occurs if you sided with the mages in the Broken Circle questline.


  • Mage is only there for a brief speech. He is taking the apprentices to Redcliffe. The first enchanter told him that you, The Warden, need every able-bodied mage for the war. Even if the apprentices are killed during the battle, the Mage will still refer to them as if they are alive. There is nothing to be gained by preventing the death of the Mage or the apprentices.



For the ingredient in Dragon Age: Origins, see Deathroot (Origins).
For the crafting resource in Dragon Age II, see Deathroot (Dragon Age II).
For the herb in Dragon Age: Inquisition, see Deathroot (Inquisition).

Deathroot has been used in magic and potion making for centuries. It is a fragile-looking plant with a thin stalk and purple flowers, which fruits once a year developing bright red fleshy pods that cause disorientation and dizziness if ingested.[1]


There are two varieties. The more common "Arcanist Deathroot" was first found by Archon Hadrianus when he discovered it growing on several dead slaves. The other, "Lunatic's Deathroot", is most closely associated with the story of the courtesan Melusine, who sought revenge on a powerful magister and his family. She harvested the plant, baked it into small pies for the magister's banquet, and presented them to the magister at a banquet. All the guests were seized by terrifying hallucinations after eating the pies and tore each other to pieces.

—An excerpt from The Botanical Compendium, by Ines Arancia, botanist

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