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Upon arriving at the Roadside, the Warden encounters a battle between several mages and darkspawn. A mage with two apprentices is standing atop a little hill, preparing to defend against a wave of darkspawn. Luckily for them, the Warden assists in the fight. This encounter only occurs if the Warden sided with the mages during the Broken Circle questline.


  • Mage – seen taking the apprentices to Redcliffe; First Enchanter Irving expressed to him that the Warden needs every able-bodied mage for the war.
  • Mage Apprentices (2)



Map of the Area



Deathroot Deathroot


  • Cleansing Aura is very effective for helping keep the Mages alive.
  • Paralysis Explosion is very useful, incapacitating most darkspawn and making mages' Tempest increasingly powerful.
  • All of the darkspawn use melee weapons and as such, the only way for them to harm the mages is to run uphill, using one narrow path. While it is impossible to completely block it off with Glyph of Repulsion, a melee-oriented party can still bottleneck them. Additionally, it is a great place to lay down traps.
  • All of the magi allies provide powerful support and are able to cast the following spells:



  • If the two apprentice allies perish, the Mage will still refer to the apprentices as alive.